Thursday, Oct 17th
Bye Week:

Advanced Showdowns!

One of the goals on One Week Season has always been to build better DFS players — while charging less and providing more. We wanted to replace the expensive DFS coaching model ($100+ per hour!) with a site that incorporated strategy-level thinking into the delivery of content, and that incorporated process-level “training” into podcasts and videos. We’ve always felt that part of the value on OWS is that we not only provide you with the tools you need for each NFL weekend, but we also help you to use these tools: training you so that profitable DFS approaches become second-nature.

With OWS :: Marketplace, we’re now able to take you even deeper into strategy-level thinking and process-level training, and we’re kicking things off with Xandamere’s Advanced Showdown Course.

In 2018, Xandamere had seven top-two finishes in a major Showdown tourney.

Through the first two weeks of 2019, he has picked up two more.

This is his tournament course ::

  • Thinking Through Game Flow :: Xandamere hits on the importance of thinking through a Showdown slate at the “game” level [ includes a 30-minute audio lesson from JM on “If this, then this” thinking ]
  • Advanced Captain Data :: A breakdown of the most profitable ways to use the Captain slot
  • Gaining An Edge Through Salary Allocation :: A tangible, overlooked edge in Showdown tournament play
  • Side-Stacking To Optimize Profitability :: How many players should you roster from each team? — here’s what the data says
  • Advanced Positional Data :: The leverage against what the field is doing is extraordinary
  • Dealing With Showdown Scrubs :: What does the data say about the best ways to handle those cheap players who allow other things to open up on a roster?
  • Game Theory And Leverage :: How to maximize your chances at a top-two finish
  • Putting It All Together :: How to truly maximize your upside in Showdown tournament play

The Advanced Showdown Course is only $39, and can be picked up right here. (Note: This will take you to our standard checkout page for subscriptions to the site (we’re working on getting a new checkout page in place!), but checking out through this page will gain you immediate access to the course.)

After you have purchased, you can access the home page of the course here. You will also have a link to the course on your profile page so you can access the course directly from there.