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Masterclass :: NFL +

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JM’s NFL Profitability Masterclass

Taking Control Over Time
  • A video exploration of the first step in building a successful NFL Profitability process of your own.
Developing A Process
  • A video exploration of what it looks like to begin developing your own process.
  • A screenshare of JM’s weekly process :: showing you how he organizes and manages his week from top to bottom in order to give you an inside look at what this can look like in practice
  • JM’s Process Foundation :: a second screenshare video, taking you inside of the high-level ways in which JM organizes his time and mental energy
  • 5 Keys To Developing An NFL Process :: JM dives into five of the most important things you can build into your process each week to ensure you are gaining ground in NFL knowledge and understanding at a faster rate than the field
Applying To The Bigger Picture
  • A video exploration of what it looks like to begin putting your process into practice :: in all areas of life (let’s think bigger than just betting and DFS!)
  • On Being Here :: A written exploration of what it takes to truly master your process, and truly maximize your energy and time
Applying To The NFL
  • A video exploration of what it looks like to begin putting your process into practice :: in betting and DFS play!
  • Just Because It’s Not Easy… :: Sure, not everything we’re aiming for is easy
  • …Doesn’t Mean It Can’t Be Done :: But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In this two-part written piece, JM dives into the angles we can play to consistently move ahead of the field
  • Upside Guide (Worksheet) :: A worksheet you can lean on each week as you craft your tourney builds
  • Cash Games Guide (Worksheet) :: The one question you need to be asking yourself about your cash game rosters each week
  • Tightening Your Focus :: A mini-audio exploration of what it looks like to start truly tightening your focus
  • Player Blocks For Guaranteed Points :: JM explores the ins and outs of Player Blocks and how to get the most out of this edge over the field
  • NFL Team IDs :: JM spends roughly four minutes per team in this audio piece, breaking down each team’s identity and philosophy/approach for winning games, with a look at both sides of the ball and key pieces to watch; this includes bullet-point reference sheets with all 32 teams (arranged by division) so that you can quickly look back on these teams as you assess how two of them are likely to interact with one another when squaring off this season
Making Profitable Decisions
  • A video exploration of what it looks like to bring all this together and make consistently profitable decisions :: in DFS, in betting, and in all other areas
  • Profitable Decisions DFS Q&A 1 // 2 :: We went through over 50 hours of past podcasts and pulled every question ever asked on the site into one place; from there, we pulled out the questions we felt had the absolute highest level of importance, and we answered them all in these two audio Q&As

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Customer Reviews On This Course

Rated 5 out of 5
1 ratings
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Rated 5 out of 5
August 31, 2021

Not your traditional Fantasy Football course, but a potentially life changing one all the same!
I have started down a path of trying to gain financial independence in the last year and I was unaware of where I initially got the idea from. BUT, having redone this course in 2021, I think the answer might have been JM at the start of this course loosely alluding to something along those lines. Would be interesting to pick his brains further regarding this!
The foundations of this course are to set you up by taking control over your time, not just fantasy football, but then it is all tied together, showing you how to improve your game.
I particularly liked the Profitable Decisions Q&As. I do regularly miss the chat pods, so it was great to hear some of the strategy and bankroll questions.
If you are looking to take DFS seriously then I think this course is a must!

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