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About The One Week Season

At The One Week Season, we connect you with the information you need for each week of the NFL season.

I’ll tell you a story, and you can tell me what you think…

In 2015, the daily fantasy sports industry came under fire from the public. Part of this was the simple fact that DraftKings and FanDuel drowned the country in commercials that year, telling everyone how rich they could become playing DFS (who wouldn’t be annoyed by that!), and another part of this was an overblown scandal known these days as #Ethangate. While all of that is now part of the distant past, however, there was one narrative that arose during this time that has somehow stuck around. That narrative goes something like this:

‘The DFS professionals use advanced algorithms and scripting software to dominate daily fantasy sports — and against these state-of-the-art computer programs, the casual DFSer has no chance.’

Cool story, Hansel — but this story (repeated ad nauseum during the 2015 NFL season) overlooked one key component:

Advanced algorithms and scripting software are exactly the wrong way to approach NFL! In fact: those who rely only on an algorithm will always have a lower ROI than those who connect their mind to the right information and knowledge, and learn how to interpret this information and knowledge for their DFS rosters. Football, after all, is unpredictable from week to week. The sample sizes are small. The matchups matter enormously — in intricate, multi-faceted ways that cannot be accounted for by any computer program. And each week, the single most important element in daily fantasy football — Opportunity — flows from the decisions made by the coaches on the sidelines.

Every week is different. Every game is a unique piece of art — the culmination of a week of study, strategy, and planning, of in-game coaching decisions and adjustments, and of on-field competitions that run the gamut from man-to-man competitions to two-on-one competitions to ‘creative schemes and player structures/alignments’ designed to get one particular man open, or to prevent one particular man from getting open.

These are things no computer algorithm can predict!

These are things that only the right knowledge and information can allow an individual DFSer to properly assess.

And so, I’ll repeat myself:

At The One Week Season, we connect you with the information you need for each week of the NFL season.

My name is JM Tohline — DFS alias JMToWin — and I started The One Week Season after four years writing for RotoGrinders, where I contributed similar content and was in charge of the site’s Premium on-site offerings. I have coached football. I have studied football all my life. And I have the distinct privilege and joy of investing most of my life each week during the NFL season into film study, team study, coach study, player study, and content creation that allows the average (‘non-professional’) daily fantasy sports player to compete with the pros!

Subscribers on The One Week Season have access each week to the same research and information the pros are out there collecting for themselves. After a couple hours of weekly reading and listening, our subscribers not only have the information they need to dominate double-ups, wreck single-entry tourneys, and execute a multi-entry strategy that goes toe-to-toe with the pros, but they also have the tools, knowledge, and information to make the right decisions on their own, rather than simply relying each week on the picks and plays of others.

We make DFS players better.

We connect you with the information you need for each week of the NFL season!

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