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JMToWin :: Founder // Lead Content Provider

Since 2014, JM has been one of the most respected voices in the NFL research and content space. He has taught at DFS events in Boston, New York, and Las Vegas and earned seats to live DFS finals in Canada, the Bahamas, and across the U.S. He specializes in game-level research and DFS strategy, with an emphasis on training OWS members to become “Masters of Process” who can bank on positive outcomes over time.

CubsFan333 :: Founder // Developer

Since 2013, CubsFan has been one of the most dominant figures in DFS, racking up more than 20 live DFS final appearances while notching double-digit six-figure cashes and a Millionaire Maker win (all while keeping his day job because he “truly loves” what he does). He is a developer and co-founder of One Week Season, where he and JM regularly pass along their late-week text conversations to subscribers.

Xandamere :: Showdown Expert

Across 2018 and 2019, Xandamere played NFL DFS Showdown cash games at a 70%+ win rate (you can learn Xandamere’s strategy in the five-part course that’s included in all OWS Annual subscriptions), while racking up double-digit “top two” finishes in major Showdown tournaments. He breaks down his Showdown thoughts on every Showdown island game in the NFL Edge.
Q&A with X! :: Get Inside Xandamere’s DFS Mind

SonicLibrarian :: DFS Tournament Training

JM and Xandamere were having lunch together in 2019 when X touted Sonic (nhpain on DK) as the sharpest DFS player he knew. “It’s a matter of time until he wins the Millionaire Maker. He’s always near the top.” A few months later, Sonic took down the Milly Maker. He joined OWS in 2020 to provide a weekly tournament training guide — with an emphasis on helping players improve their multi-entry, large-field approach.

Hilow :: Game Theory Analyst

Hilow is both a Navy fighter pilot and one of the sharpest “limited entry” tournament players in DFS, with over $200,000 in GPP earnings and 80% profitable weeks in 2019 playing solely GPP. He grinded up from a bankroll of $20 to single-entry/three-entry success at high-dollar buy-ins. He joined OWS in 2020 to provide strategy and game theory insights — with an emphasis on helping players improve their limited-entry approach.
Q&A with Hilow! :: Get Inside Hilow’s DFS Mind

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TodFromPA :: Podcaster

Tod has produced content (written and/or podcast) for sites ranging from RotoViz to TQE to Fanball to Football Diehards, with a goal of always looking for ideas others haven’t thought of and looking for ways to do shows others haven’t done. Tod comes to you live on Saturday nights with the Run to Daylight podcast hosted by OWS.

Dustin The Intern :: OWS Twitter Manager

Dustin The Intern is no longer an intern. He pitches in with emails at One Week Season and oversees the @oneweekseason Twitter account, where his obsession with NFL knowledge and research is spilled out in valuable nuggets throughout the week. He’s also a recommended follow at @Dustintheintern.

OWS Collective

Our community’s curated research on every game of the NFL season — putting in the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to. With an upvote system in place for the curation of our community’s proprietary research, the sharpest notes, insights, and statistical breakdowns of the week are always pushed to the top.


UFCollective has produced the most accurate ownership projections in the DFS industry over the last five years, across all sports. While you can find UFCollective’s Main Slate projections for DraftKings and FanDuel on Pro Football Focus and a handful of other sites, OWS provides the most affordable access in DFS to this ultra-premium feature.

EV Analytics

EV Analytics is trusted by top sports bettors and DFS players as the best predictive sports data group in the industry. One Week Season has teamed up with EV Analytics to power the OWS GPP Ceiling Tool — which was designed to specifically account for the information-approach we build around on OWS.

Our Story (From JM) ::

During my first several years in the NFL research and content space — in fact, from the moment I first started playing DFS in 2013 (and first started looking for ways to sharpen my game) — I noticed that there was a significant lack of training and resources available for individuals who wanted to “learn how to fish.” DFS, after all, is a strategy game — a unique puzzle that, in the case of NFL, we get to solve each week — while profitable sports betting requires a sharp blend of long-term thinking and non-biased analysis; yet content is often geared toward the likelihood (or lack thereof) of a particular team or player doing well on a particular, isolated slate. This would be like telling a poker player which hands are good and which hands are bad without any deeper level of insight or knowledge. One Week Season was launched in 2018 with a cohesive vision of making you better at DFS and sports betting. Our goal is to give our users thousands of dollars worth of training within each NFL season: not only equipping you for the slate ahead, but also sharpening your knowledge and understanding of the NFL and the ins and outs of profitable thinking and approaches so you can consistently bank on profit over time.