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Founder // Developer

Since 2014, JM has been one of the most respected voices in the NFL research and content space. He has taught at DFS events in Boston, New York, and Las Vegas and earned seats to live DFS finals in Canada, the Bahamas, and across the U.S. He specializes in game-level research and DFS strategy, with an emphasis on training OWS members to become “Masters of Process” who can bank on positive outcomes over time.

Discord :: JMToWin


Founder // Developer

Since 2013, CubsFan has been one of the most dominant figures in DFS, racking up more than 20 live DFS final appearances while notching double-digit six-figure cashes and a Millionaire Maker win. He is a developer and co-founder of One Week Season, where he and JM spend time each offseason brainstorming new developments, and where he serves as a general sounding board for the team. || Q&A :: Get inside CubsFan’s DFS mind

Discord :: CubsFan333


Showdown Expert

Since 2018, Xandamere has established himself as a Showdown legend: cashing in Showdown cash games at a 70%+ win rate while racking up over a dozen “top two” finishes in major Showdown tournaments. Inside the NFL Edge, he breaks down his Showdown thoughts for every island game, exploring not only the game itself but the strategy implications for that particular slate. || Q&A :: Get inside Xandamere’s DFS mind

Discord :: Xandamere


Game Theory Analyst // NFL Edge

Hilow is a former Navy fighter pilot who has taken game theory courses at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Northwestern, and who grinded up from a bankroll of $20 to become one of the sharpest “limited entry” tournament players in DFS, with over $200,000 in GPP earnings and as many as 80% profitable weeks in a single season playing solely GPP. He joined OWS in 2020 as a core content provider. || Q&A :: Get inside Hilow’s DFS mind

Discord :: Hilow


Tourney Analyst // NFL Edge

Mike Johnson (MJohnson86) has racked up over $400,000 in DFS profit since 2013, with double-digit Top Five finishes in large-field tourneys and dozens of 4-figure wins. With a background in coaching and finance, he sees angles and market inefficiencies that others are missing, giving him a consistent, tangible edge on the field. He joined the OWS team in 2021 to provide game breakdowns and tourney analysis.

Discord :: mjohnson86


Mass-Multi-Entry GPP Expert

JM and Xandamere were having lunch together in 2019 when X mentioned Sonic (nhpain on DK) as the sharpest DFS player he knew. “It’s a matter of time until he wins the Millionaire Maker. He’s always near the top.” A few months later, Sonic took down the Milly Maker. He joined OWS in 2020 to provide content focused on helping players improve their multi-entry, large-field approach. || Q&A :: Get inside Sonic’s DFS mind

Discord :: SonicLibrarian_nhpain


Tourney Analyst // NFL Edge

Justin Papariella (Papy324) is a full-time DFS player, with a focus on high-stakes tourneys, and with hundreds of thousands in lifetime profit. With a background in chess (several top five scholastic finishes) and college athletics (two years football // four years track and field), Papy blends strategy and game theory with next-level insight into the game on the field. He joined the OWS team in 2021 to provide game breakdowns and tourney analysis.


Tourney Analyst

StatATL has a math degree and a background as a financial analyst, and he has blended an analytical, numbers-driven approach with an “OWS mindset” toward strategy to rack up over $100,000 in lifetime DFS profit while maintaining low weekly buy-ins. He focuses on limited-entry contests (single-entry to 20-max) and has dozens of four-figure wins in NFL and PGA (his exclusive DFS focuses), including a $50,000 NFL takedown. Follow his golf & bourbon journey on IG.

Discord :: statATL


Leverage & Strategy

Larejo (Larejo123 on all DFS sites) is an OWS gem, with tens of thousands in lifetime DFS winnings in spite of never having more than a few hundred dollars at risk on a slate. Larejo’s unique ability to embrace overlooked plays that provide maximum leverage has allowed him to A) notch a sixth-place Milly Maker finish with only three rosters entered, and to B) consistently point the OWS Fam toward game-changing large-field tourney options.

Discord :: larejo123

Lex Miraglia

Researcher // Podcaster

In 2019, One Week Season launched OWS Collective, where Lex Miraglia quickly became a community superstar for his early-week matchup insights. By 2020, the NFL Edge was expanded to include Lex’s game-by-game bullet-point research, where his unique eye for the game of football (through the lens of coaching, team, and player matchups) provided the OWS Fam with an immediate, tangible edge.

Discord :: LexMiraglia10

Alex Pendergrass

Researcher // Tools

Alex Pendergrass (AKA AJP88 on Twitter // AKA AJP71088 on DraftKings) has been one of the most valuable members of the OWS Community since 2019, leveraging OWS Collective and Discord to share research insights and strategy angles that help “demystify the slate” for the OWS Fam. Alex joined the OWS team in 2021 to contribute matchups-based research for contributors and the OWS community.

Discord :: Alex88


Researcher // Community

Dustin was one of the first team members on One Week Season, joining in 2019 as an intern, with his role expanding since then to include Twitter management, email support, marketing, content, research, and community engagement. A hardcore fan of the 49ers and all things NFL, Dustin contributes next-level research to NFL Edge Matchups and helps make the site and community run.

Discord :: Dwprix


Betting Analyst

One of the core messages of One Week Season is that there are edges available to everyone…but not everyone’s edge is the same. Josh Reason (Jreas11 on DraftKings) is an ideal example of this truth, as he has leveraged the NFL Edge game writeups to focus on profitable prop betting in lieu of DFS cash games. Josh joined the OWS team in 2021 to as part of the early development of our Props Insider team.

Discord :: Jreasy


Betting Analyst

Dankreas started playing online poker in 2015 at the age of 18 and profited $100,000 in 3 years before transitioning to sports betting due to the difficulty of juggling poker and school. While completing a masters focused on machine learning, he began applying his analytical, quantitative approach to all sports, specializing in NBA prop betting through his proprietary projections. He is a core member of the Props Insider team.

Discord :: Dankreas


Betting Analyst

Schuyler is an OWS OG, having joined the OWS fam in 2018, and has been chasing NFL main slate and showdown leaderboards ever since. He joined the props team over the summer of 2023 to provide insight and best bets from the PGA tour. Over the course of the 2023 PGA season, Schuyler posted a personal ROI of 17.83% and an incredible 7.1% return on official bets for Props Insider subscribers.

Discord :: Schuyler

Josh & Mike

Edge Audio

In the early 2010s (before he knew that DFS existed), JM started a season-long keeper league with the goal of collecting some of the best season-long fantasy players in one space. This is how JM and Josh Marrano met, as Josh was one of the most dominant forces in that league. Since 2020, Josh and Mike Ford have contributed weekly Edge Audio readings for OWS members who consume the Edge on the go.

Ben Fritz


In 2020, JM came across a tweet of Ben’s and “liked his vibe” so much that he reached out to him to “make a connection” with no real end goal in mind. Ben (AKA bfritz12 on DraftKings) is a life coach, lifelong learner, and recovering perfectionist who has become integrated with the OWS team as a podcaster, sounding board, and all-around fill-in-the-blank, helping OWS reach its full potential.

Discord :: bfritz12

Tom Purvis


Tom Purvis (AKA Thesystem12 on DraftKings // AKA Cheesehead120 on FanDuel) is a video producer and sports broadcaster in North Carolina who joined the OWS team in 2021 as an editor and site manager. Tom has been an avid DFS player since 2015, where he has been a consistent grinder in NFL and NBA.

Discord :: 777cheeseman777

Brian Pitts


Brian Pitts (AKA oakzoo on DraftKings // AKA pittpanthers on FanDuel) is a big Philly sports fan who joined the OWS team in 2021 as an editor and site manager. Brian has been an avid DFS player since 2011(!!!), and was a FanDuel NBA Championship finalist in 2017.

Discord :: oakzoo

Alec Mundle


Alec Mundle (AKA AmundDFS on DraftKings) has been playing DFS since before he was old enough to play DFS: working with his dad and brother on their rosters every week to attack the top of the leaderboards. In 2020 (now “of DFS age”), Alec notched multiple top-1% finishes. He joined the OWS team in 2021 as an editor and site manager.

Discord :: Amund13

Dan Hussey

Social Media Manager

Dan Hussey (AKA RealHuss45 on DraftKings and Underdog) has been playing DFS since 2013 when he was making lineups instead of listening to his college professors. A Massachusetts native, Dan joined the OWS team in 2022 as an intern, bringing a decade of industry knowledge to our social media channels.

Aaron Adler


In 2019, Aaron Adler (AKA RotoMaven) reached out to JM to say, ‘You sometimes mention on podcasts that you would do X if you had more time. I feel like I could give you more time.’ Aaron has since become indispensable to OWS, helping to make everything on the site function at the highest level possible. JM often describes Aaron as a “second brain” for him. If you love OWS even more than when you first joined, you can thank Aaron. || Q&A :: Get inside RotoMaven’s Business mind

Discord :: RotoMaven

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Our Story (From JM) ::

During my first several years in the NFL research and content space — in fact, from the moment I first started playing DFS in 2013 (and first started looking for ways to sharpen my game) — I noticed that there was a lack of training/education resources available for individuals who wanted to “learn how to fish.” DFS is a strategy game — a unique puzzle that, in the case of NFL, we get to solve each week — yet content is often geared toward the likelihood (or lack thereof) of a particular team or player doing well on a particular, isolated slate. This would be like telling a poker player which hands are good and which hands are bad without any deeper level of insight or knowledge. One Week Season was launched in 2018 with a cohesive vision of making you better at DFS, sports betting, fantasy, and life. Our goal is to give you thousands of dollars worth of training within each NFL season: not only equipping you for the slate ahead, but also sharpening your knowledge and understanding of the NFL and the ins and outs of profitable thinking and approaches so you can consistently bank on profit over time.