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DFS Is Not About “Knowing Who The Good Plays Are”!

Knowing who the good plays are” is part of it, sure (and we’re here to help with that!); but at this point in the evolution of DFS, “knowing who the good plays are” is no longer an edge. Nearly all of your competition has that information as well. If you want to be a consistently profitable DFS player, you need something different; something more…

What’s In Annual?

At OWS, we’ll always provide you with more than what you paid for (at every price point :: including Free!). With OWS Annual — our premium NFL subscription — our goal is to give you thousands of dollars worth of organic DFS training alongside your weekly content and research.

  • Xandamere has played Showdown cash games at a 70%+ win rate over the last three years. He breaks down every Showdown island game (TNF, SNF, MNF) on the season in the NFL Edge with his Showdown Slant, uncovering insights into the game theory of the format, and providing data-driven deep-dives into what works in Showdown and what doesn’t. (From a bankroll-boosting standpoint, this feature alone is worth the subscription. Showdowns remain the softest game in DFS, as it’s a new enough format that most people haven’t yet solved it.)
  • SonicLibrarian plotted his path toward his Milly Maker win :: hitting big tourney cashes along the way in order to grow his bankroll to a point where he could take a serious run at the million. His “Above The Field” feature on OWS doesn’t provide you with picks for the week; it provides you with tournament training :: built around the week behind us and the week ahead. You can also find Sonic’s MME Player Pool each week in The Scroll!
  • Hilow played GPPs in 2019 at an 80%-profitable rate (16 out of 20 weekends) in $150/$1k three-entry/single-entry formats :: and he grinded to that point from a bankroll of $20. In Hilow’s “End Around,” he provides game theory training tied into his leverage plays.
  • ElMagico88 is one of the most dominant high-stakes tourney players, with an average yearly ROI of 50% over the last half-decade, and with a cascade of high-stakes tourney wins and Best Ball finalists under his belt. He credits his proprietary model for large chunks of his success; and every week on OWS, he shares some of the key plays that are popping in his model, paired with strategy notes on how to use those plays to best attack the slate.
  • CubsFan333 is a DFS strategy wizard who has racked up a Milly Maker win, 20+ live final appearances, and 20+ six-figure cashes; and in addition to poring over the NFL Edge, listening to Angles, and reading the Player Grid, the other core element in his process is to bounce questions and thoughts off the rest of the OWS team. We regularly pass these along to readers in Discord and/or at the top of the Player Grid (late Saturday nights // early Sunday mornings!) to share our behind-the-scenes thoughts on the slate.
  • A few weeks into the 2019 season, JM divulged to subscribers his plan to try to take down the DK Wildcat; and each week, he walked listeners of the Angles Pod through the process he was building and his approach to roster construction — until his breakdown of his winning roster a couple months later.
  • When we get down to it, DFS is not even about results. It’s about good process (good process leads to good results over time, and that’s what we’re looking to do at OWS: get deeper, helping you build good processes for profitable sports betting and DFS play). But if DFS were about results, ours would be pretty damn good.
  • We’re not for everyone’s personality, or for everyone’s style of play. (In fact, if you pick up a subscription and find it’s not for you, you can let us know within a month and we’ll send you back your money.) But because we’re aware of that — because we’ve built our site for the people who are hungry for this type of content, rather than building for the masses — we tend to be a very good fit for the people we’re a good fit for.

(Check Out Our Full Team!)

In addition to everything above, OWS Annual also has access every week to ::

  • The NFL Edge :: Our flagship content, where JM, Hilow, MJohnson86, and Papy324 break down every game on the Sunday Main Slate, diving into how each team is likeliest to try to win that game, what this means for likeliest game flow (as well as what tributaries the game might flow into from there :: a MUST for profitable tourney play; we’ll also train you in how and why this is the case), and what this means for DFS.
  • Matchups :: In the Matchup tab of the NFL Edge, research expert Lex Miraglia and the OWS research team allow the research to carry them through every game on the slate — on a coaching-level, game-level, and player-level.
  • Main Slate Ownership Projections :: Powered by UFCollective, these are the most accurate Ownership Projections in the industry.
  • The GPP Ceiling Tool + Projections System :: Developed by OWS // Powered by EV Analytics. This full projections system was built for the unique approach we take to DFS, allowing you to sort by “percentile ceiling projections” to find the players with the highest ceiling on the slate.
  • The Angles Pod :: JM talks game theory, hits on his bottom-up build to find the best DK values on the slate, and runs through some of his favorite tourney angles on the weekend :: each Friday night, all season long.
  • The Player Grid :: JM dives into his tiered player pool every Saturday morning in the Player Grid — the games and players he’ll be directly fishing from that week.
  • OWS Discord :: Sonic and Xandamere first met on Discord; and they’re hanging out on the OWS Discord channel on a regular basis alongside OWS Annual members. Our Discord community is remarkably active…and unbelievably helpful in getting you ready for a slate. (Come contribute, or just lurk and learn!)
  • OWS Collective :: Our community’s curated research — with an upvote function so the best research is always pushed to the top.
  • DFS 101 and 201 training resources :: available to all OWS subscribers.
  • DFS members also receive discounts and promos on their profile for Marketplace training!
  • (There’s actually a LOT MORE we provide each week as well; but if you’ve read this far, you may as well scoop an OWS Free membership and see for yourself!)
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