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Best Ball 2019!

When we started One Week Season, one of our goals was to never provide content “just to provide content.” Instead, we wanted to make sure that we were always hunting for (and exposing) angles and edges that our subscribers could hammer… And this year, we’re adding two new features to One Week Season to help you hammer some edges! 1 :: Showdown breakdowns (and strategy training) produced by elite Showdown player Xandamere. (Check back around the middle of the month for Xandamere’s free-to-subscribers Showdown guide in the all new DFS 201 tab!) 2 :: Best Ball podcasts to carry you through a month of August drafting! If you are not familiar with Best Ball, I have put together a small… read more ›
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OWS Calendar

As we get closer to Week 1 of the 2019 season, we will release the new weekly calendar in this space. This calendar will keep you up-to-date on exactly what you can expect to find on the site each day read more ›

daily fantasy football research ownership percentage

OWS >> 2019!

OWS Fam!!!! Welcome to the 2019 season. DFS has always been about (and will always continue to be about) finding an edge and hammering it — adjusting to new game offerings or new trends before others have caught up. And read more ›

The Expanded NFL Edge

JMToWin's comprehensive, game-by-game breakdown each week. Now better than ever before, with game-specific pages, visual aids, team tendencies, strategy notes, pricing analysis, video updates, personal note-saving capabilities, and more.

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