Thursday, Oct 17th
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One of the goals on One Week Season has always been to build better DFS players — while charging less and providing more. We wanted to replace the expensive DFS coaching model ($100+ per hour!) with a site that incorporated strategy-level thinking into the delivery of content, and that incorporated process-level "training" into podcasts and videos. We've always felt that part of the value on OWS is that we not only provide you with the tools you need for each NFL weekend, but we also help you to use these tools: training you so that profitable DFS approaches become second-nature. With OWS :: Marketplace, we're now able to take you even deeper into strategy-level thinking and process-level training, and we're… read more ›
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~ October 15 :: OWS Collective Research kicks off week! Angles Email (night) October 16 :: Week 7 Ownership Projections GPP Ceiling Tool updates (evening) Xandamere's TNF Showdown Slant (night) October 17 :: Week 7 Main Slate NFL Edge! (before read more ›

daily fantasy football research ownership percentage

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~ ANNOUNCING :: OWS COLLECTIVE! — our community's curated research for each game of the NFL season Last year on One Week Season, we introduced Game Notes on each game of the NFL Edge — where subscribers had the ability read more ›

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