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From JM >>>> OWS Fam!!!! On July 23-24 each year, our original, Early Bird subscribers renew their OWS subscription (at their original entry price!). Internally, this marks our unofficial "start date" for the NFL season — when we A) send you an update on what the year ahead looks like, and B) begin ramping up our research and content preparation. This is that email. (Translation: NFL is nearly here!!!!) This year, we'll cover four key items: 1. OWS Jobs(!) 2. New Site Additions for 2021(!) 3. Why You Should Cancel Your OWS Subscription(!) 4. What You Can Look For In August(!) Let's jump in! OWS Jobs :: If you've been looking for an open door into this industry, this might… read more ›
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We'll be back in the Summer of 2021 to kick it off with NFL Best Ball Strategy! Find NBA Calendar Here

daily fantasy football research ownership percentage


Sample The First Lesson Here! JM's NFL Profitability Masterclass Taking Control Over Time A video exploration of the first step in building a successful NFL Profitability process of your own. Developing A Process A video exploration of what it looks read more ›

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