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2023/2024 Props Insider

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Why Props?

> Props are beatable

Xandamere’s prop betting chart (NFL + NBA) across five months :: October, 2021 to February, 2022:

The numbers:
  • Total bets: 8,665
  • Average bet size: $92.77
  • Net profit: $45,262.71 (not a typo…)
  • ROI: 5.97%

<< See Xandamere’s full, bet-by-bet history >>

Why Are Props Beatable?

Spreads and game totals are efficient, because millions of dollars help move those lines to the right range each week.

This is not the case for props, where A) max bets are capped (sportsbooks don’t risk losing millions on one poorly-set prop bet), and B) the sheer volume of props generated each week across all sports ensures that it’s impossible for all of them to be sharp.

You may have heard us mention this before, but we’ve had conversations in the past with people who set props in Vegas and use the NFL Edge as part of their “assess and adjust” process. Said differently: if you’re on OWS, you’re a step ahead of the people setting props.

Why OWS Props?

Xandamere and the Props team at OWS are really good at hunting down the prop bets where we have an edge.

We won’t get 100% of our prop bets right, but we don’t have to in order to make money. As we chase down the small, obvious edges available here, a little bit of volume can quickly turn into really nice profit.

How Props Insider Works

  • Xandamere & co. will post bets in the “Bet This” channels on OWS Discord
    • Note: you can add your Discord ID to your OWS profile (see instructions below), which will automatically add you to any channels you have a subscription to, including Props and Inner Circle
  • You can set notifications for the “Bet This” channels, in order to be notified as soon as bets are released (allowing you to jump on bets before lines move)
How To Connect Your OWS Profile To Discord:
  1. Go to the Account Info page on your OWS profile
  2. Scroll down to the “Connect With Discord” button
  3. Click that button, then click “Authorize”

That’s it! If you’re logged into Discord on the device you’re using, this authorization will link your OWS membership to your Discord account, giving you access to any special channels you should have access to (including the “Bet This” channels and, if applicable, the Inner Circle channels!)

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<< Props FAQ >>

<< See Xandamere’s full, bet-by-bet history >>

All-Sports Profit ::


(updated 12/8)