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If you’re new to OWS…

(we make things easy on you!)

NFL Edge

In the NFL Edge, we break down every game from top to bottom. Games start rolling onto the site on Wednesdays, with game breakdowns completed by Thursday nights and DFS Interpretations completed by the end of Friday.

The Scroll

In The Scroll, you’ll find ALL of your late-week DFS content in one central space (player pools // roster construction // slate strategy // etc.). Articles in The Scroll start showing up on Thursdays, with final pieces rolling onto the site on Saturdays. NOTE: If you want to be notified when new content is live, turn on notifications in the New Content channel on Discord.


NFL Edge Audio (audio versions of all NFL Edge games!) is available on the One Week Season podcast feed (search “One Week Season” on your favorite podcast player). If you’re an Inner Circle member, you can add subscriber-only podcasts to your favorite podcast player on the Podcasts page.


Projections, ownership projections, and advanced odds can be found in the Tools drop-down menu at the top of the site.


Active and valuable all week. OWS Discord has over 4,000 members, with OWS Team members hanging out all the time.