Thursday, Nov 30th
Bye Week:

OWS Jobs

If interested in the job below, reach out to us at


What You’ll Do:
  • A little bit of everything…
  • Six or seven of our team members at OWS initially got their foot in the door by simply offering to pitch in where they could; so this year, we wanted to extend an opportunity to community members who are looking to create a similar pathway for themselves
  • If you’re looking to learn more about business in general or this industry in particular, or if you’re looking for an opportunity to carve out a career in the fantasy/DFS space, this can be a great first step in that direction
  • If you’re interested, reach out to us with a bit of information about yourself, your DFS journey, and your connection to OWS

Binks Machine Support

What You’ll Do:
  • Help OWS Fam with Bink Machine questions through Discord.
  • Having experience with optimizers is a plus.
  • We’re looking to add one or two support members to our team this year — so if you’re interested, please reach out with your qualifications and a bit about yourself.