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Interested in working with OWS?

As we continue to expand the OWS brand, we’re always on the lookout for new talent that we can add to the team; and because the OWS brand is such a cohesive unit (we approach DFS in ways that no other sites do, and provide angles no other sites provide — always geared toward teaching our users how to fish, rather than simply handing them dead fish each week), we aim to always grow our brand from within. We’re not in the habit of poaching big names from other sites. Instead, we strive to develop our own “names” from our talented pool of subscribers. Xandamere, Hilow, Sonic, Lex, Dustin, Pawel, Larejo, Majesstik :: all of these contributors were members of the OWS community before becoming part of the team.

In the past, we have reached out to new team members ourselves (or have responded to them reaching out to us); but this year — for the first time — we’ll be opening up an application process for a few potential openings.

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Editor || Researcher || NFL Edge Writer || Betting Analyst

Editor ::

This job will require roughly 8 to 12 hours a week, and will come with consistent, but “random” hours that will look something like this:

Monday evening: 35 minutes

Tuesday morning: 55 minutes

Tuesday evening: 30 minutes

Wednesday morning: 10 minutes

Wednesday evening: 35 minutes

Thursday morning: 25 minutes

Thursday evening: 75 minutes

Friday morning: 90 minutes

Friday evening: 35 minutes

Saturday morning: 120 minutes

Sunday afternoon/evening: 30 minutes

With that in mind, this job is (obviously) best for someone who has a flexible work schedule (work from home, or work for self). The times laid out above are general estimates, and will likely be slower in the early going as you get your feet under you, and a bit faster as we get deeper into the season.

This job is especially optimal for someone who already reads most of the content on OWS each week(!), as the job will primarily entail skimming content as it’s submitted, making any necessary adjustments, and adding it to the site. If you already consume most OWS content each week, you can effectively get paid to do your DFS prep.

Training (and some early work) will take place in August, and total hours for the year should run somewhere in the range of 175 to 200 hours.

Pay for 2021 NFL season will be $7500. (There will likely be ample opportunities for this gig to grow in the future — making it an especially great opportunity for a freelance writer/editor who is looking for an opportunity to grow a role in this industry.)

Application ::

If you’d like to apply for the OWS Editor job, please send a letter of introduction to As you write this letter, keep the OWS communication style in mind(!). There’s no need to be formal; just be yourself, and tell us about :: yourself // your story with DFS // your story with writing/editing // anything else you think of that might be pertinent or interesting.

Applications should be submitted no later than August 3 — though the earlier, the better!

Please put “OWS Editor” in the subject of your email.

Researcher ::

Last year, you saw Lex Miraglia handle all of our Matchups research (the bullet-point, game-by-game research in the NFL Edge). This year, we are expanding Lex’s role in a few other areas, which has us cutting down his Matchups role to eight games each week. Dustin’s role will expand to handle some of the remaining games, but we’re hoping to develop a three-man research team — creating flexibility and future opportunity for all members.

For a refresher on what this content looked like in 2020, check the Miraglia’s Matchups tab on any of the games here.

Early in the season, it’s likely to take around an hour to an hour and a half per game, but we’ll consult with you on research and Matchup-creation techniques that should get your time down to 40/50 minutes per game. This researcher will handle around 64 games throughout the course of the season (2 to 4 per week), with Matchups due on Wednesday night each week. Pay will come out to $1800 for the season.

Application ::

If you’d like to apply for the OWS Researcher job, please send a sample game (this can be a matchup from 2020, or a game from Week 1 of this year) to, following a similar format to Lex’s 2020 Matchups contributions. (The idea here is to NOT “decide in advance” what you’ll research, but to instead begin researching, and to “allow the research to point you in the direction you’ll go,” listing one team’s research first, then the other. As you’ll notice in Lex’s Matchups contributions from last year, different elements were focused on in different games. Again: “allow the research to point you in the direction you’ll go.” The time commitment for one game with no experience under your belt might be a couple hours, as you’ll have to figure out where to find various pieces of information. Once you develop your systems, however, these research contributions begin to come together smoothly!)

Note: if you have OWS Collective samples to send from last year, please send us the link to your Collective page as an additional sample for us to look at!

Applications should be submitted no later than August 3 — though the earlier, the better!

Please put “OWS Researcher” in the subject of your email.

NFL Edge Writer ::

We are always looking to give OWS subscribers the most bang for their buck, and one of the ways we would love to do this is by freeing up some of JM’s time to focus on the elements that he is “uniquely good” at (watching games, studying teams and players and coaching tendencies, and breaking down likeliest game flow from a less-analytics-based/more-intuitive standpoint). For years, JM has said that “not just anyone can write the NFL Edge…but also, I’m not the only one who could do it.” JM’s reputation was originally built on his slate breakdowns (which has become The Player Grid and the Angles Pod), with his unique perspective on football, the NFL, and DFS. Some of this has been lost with his huge time commitment to the NFL Edge, and the additions over the last two years of Xandamere and Hilow to the NFL Edge team have already had a huge impact on the OWS subscriber experience. Nothing is lost in the NFL Edge (in fact, JM has been comfortable arguing that both X and Hilow are noticeably BETTER at the NFL Edge than he ever was), while plenty is gained, from a subscriber standpoint, from JM being able to focus more deeply on elements that he’s more “uniquely” good at.

With all that in mind, we are looking to POTENTIALLY add a second (or even “second and third”) NFL Edge writer. Xandamere will continue to handle Island games (three games a week), and Hilow will continue to handle six to seven games — leaving around four to seven games per week for a second (or “second and third”) NFL Edge writer. An NFL Edge game takes about…well, according to JM, about 45 minutes to an hour…but probably more like 90 minutes to “occasionally a little bit more.” Games will be due by Thursday night, with pay of $100 per game. If you have a strong DFS resume and would like to write the Interpretations segment at the end of your games, pay would be $125. (JM will still be adding his own Interpretations to most NFL Edge games, and Hilow will occasionally be adding Interpretations to games outside of his own as well. As a handful of hugely popular, non-OWS game-breakdown-artists have proven: it’s completely possible to do an excellent job writing game research sections without being a great DFS player. For the NFL Edge, those “research sections” are (as seen here) Game Overview // How X team will try to win // How Y team will try to win // Likeliest game flow.)

Application ::

If you’d like to apply for the NFL Edge Writer job, please send a sample game writeup to This can be a game from 2020 or a game from Week 1. If you would like to write the Interpretations in addition to the games themselves, please include a short writeup detailing your DFS resume.

Applications should be submitted no later than August 3 — though the earlier, the better!

Please put “OWS NFL Edge Writer” in the subject of your email.

Betting Analyst ::

We are adding some early- and mid-week betting content this year from Hilow and Pawel, but we’d also like to add a late-week article if we find the right person. This article would be a hybrid “training” + “best bets” piece, and can include any type of intro or overall format you’d enjoy (i.e., something fun, or funny, or engaging, or straightforward, etc.; let your style and personality dictate what you’d want this piece to look like, rather than trying to fit inside some preconceived box that others have already created and/or filled!). This will be a weekly piece at $100 per article in 2021, with (obvious) opportunity for the scope of this role to expand in all sorts of directions in future years (Marketplace contributions // podcast opportunities // additional articles // additional sports // etc.).

Application ::

If you’d like to apply for the Betting Analyst job, please send an email to, filling us in on your betting experience and approach, and giving us a few ideas of what your article might look like. Feel free to put together a few small sample pieces of writing if you’d like; and if you have any content samples from past work (not a requirement!), include the links to those as well.

Applications should be submitted no later than August 3 — though the earlier, the better!

Please put “OWS Betting Analyst” in the subject of your email.