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OWS Podcasts

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Tod & Hilow

Find it on the “ONE WEEK SEASON” podcast feed

Every Tuesday morning, Tod & Hilow will break down the week behind us, and take an early look at the week ahead

JM & Scott (DFS Recap Pod)

Find it on the “FANTASYPOINTS” Podcast feed, or find it embedded in the weekly Reflection Edition of The Scroll.

At the front end of every week, JMToWin and Scott Barrett (FantasyPoints) will reflect on the games that just happened, and will take an early look at the games ahead

Lex // Majesstik // Ben (First Peak)

Find it on the “ONE WEEK SEASON” podcast feed

OWS research experts Lex Miraglia // Majesstik and host Ben Fritz will take a look at three of the potentially slate-changing games that might be going overlooked by the field

Hilow & Pawel

Find it on the “ONE WEEK SEASON” podcast feed

Hilow & Pawel will bring their next-level knowledge to uncover some of the betting lines and opportunities that can provide an edge for sports bettors that week

JMToWin (Angles)

Find it on the ANGLES podcast feed (linked BeloW), and in the Player Grid within the weekly edition of The Scroll

JM takes an overview look at the vital strategy elements of the slate ahead, and uncovers his favorite value plays in the Bottom-Up Build.

Xandamere & Hilow (Inner Circle only!)

Find it on the INNER CIRCLE podcast feed (linked Below)

Every Saturday afternoon, Xandamere and Hilow will provide strategy training and insights through the lens of the upcoming slate; includes listener Q&A!

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