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What do I get?

Two weekly DFS training and strategy breakdown podcasts
1.) JM’s Wednesday pod, focused on big-picture DFS strategy talk
2.) Hilow and Xandamere’s Saturday “The Slate,” focused deeply on strategy for that week’s slate

How To Access:

If you’re a member of Inner Circle, you’ll find the link to this podcast below.

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Inner Circle will return for the 2024 NFL season


JM’s W-Inner Circle Training Podcast
Inner Circle (Evening)


DFS Lab (DraftKings)
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NFL Edge Audio
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Searching for Ceiling
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DFS Lab (FanDuel)
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JM’s Angles Podcast
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DFS Lab (DraftKings)
Youtube / OWS Free (Morning)

“The Slate”
Inner Circle (live 11am EST on Discord)