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Bye Week:

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What’s In OWS Free?

Game Breakdowns

Game breakdowns can be found in the NFL Edge, where our team of researchers/writers focus on the high-level elements that most impact overall scoring/production (including how each team is likeliest to attack, and what this means for potential player usage and game flow). This is the article on which OWS built its reputation, and is an absolute MUST-READ for bettors, DFS players, and season-long players.

NFL Edge Audio

Every game on the slate broken down top-to-bottom…in audio format! You can find this every week on the “One Week Season” podcast.

Angles Email

“What makes this week’s slate unique?” This is one of the most important starting points in the DFS week and is answered each week in JM’s Angles Email (delivered to your inbox on Thursdays; and found in The Scroll on Fridays).

The Workbook:

Majesstik tracks important data points from every team and breaks it into actionable information for season long, DFS, and Prop bettors. You can find this every week in the Scroll.

JM’s Angles Podcast

JM finds some of the stronger values available on the slate, talks DFS strategy through the lens of a roster build, and covers his big-picture thoughts on the areas of the slate that are drawing his deeper attention.

Sunday Inactives Email

Around 11:45 AM Eastern each week, you’ll receive an email updating you on important line movement and key inactives for that week’s slate.


We have millions of dollars in net profit and decades of DFS experience across our team, and our team members are often hanging out on Discord to answer questions and talk shop; we also have the sharpest community in DFS, making OWS Discord one of the easiest ways to strengthen your DFS play.

What’s In OWS DFS?

Everything in OWS Free, +

JM’s Player Grid

JM breaks down the pool of players he’s fishing from that week, along with relevant research and strategy notes.

Mike Johnson’s Player Grid

Mike Johnson breaks down the pool of players he’s fishing from that week, along with relevant research and strategy notes.

Game Theory Strategy

In the “End Around,” game theory expert Hilow deconstructs the “chalk build” for that week’s slate and helps us understand how we can approach the slate differently to maximize our long-term ROI.

MME Strategy Notes

Milly Maker Winner and mass-multi-entry expert SonicLibrarian shares the pool he’s fishing from for his MME play, along with thoughts, jokes, and strategy insights.

“Willing To Lose” GPP Plays

Local hero Larejo123 examines his pool of potential game-changers: under-the-radar or off-the-board players who have it within their range of outcomes to be slate-winners at nearly-no ownership. This article is a difference-maker for DFS players who enter a small number of rosters into large-field tourneys (as evidenced by Larejo’s Top 10 finish in the Milly Maker with only three entries).

JM’s Building Blocks

JM examines some of his favorite multi-player “blocks” that can be used as roster foundations.

Player Projections

Powered by the incredible team at EV Analytics, our player projections tool includes the ability to generate “percentile projections”: i.e., sorting players by their 90th-percentile projections, rather than by their median projections. For tournaments — where ceiling is everything — any other form of projections is a waste.

Ownership Projections

A literal necessity for nearly all forms of DFS play. Our in-house ownership projections are as good as it gets.

Showdown Ownership Projections

Showdown ownership projections are a wild game; but if you’re playing Showdowns, you may as well have a sense of where ownership is likeliest to flow.

Showdown Breakdowns

Xandamere is “the name to know” in Showdown breakdowns. One of the most respected and consistently dominant Showdown players, Xandamere breaks down his Showdown strategy thoughts and rules for every TNF, SNF, and MNF game.

Game-By-Game DFS Interpretations

In DFS Interpretations, we boil the NFL Edge down to the most important DFS takeaways in each game.

What’s In Inner Circle?

Everything in OWS DFS, +

Short-Slate (Afternoon-Only!) Content

Mike Johnson breaks down the most important elements for us to consider each week for the Afternoon-Only slates. Given the lack of high-quality Afternoon-Only content in the DFS space, this article provides a sizable edge for anyone who takes advantage.

The Oracle

The OWS Team tackles the five most important strategy elements in play for each week’s slate. This is the “cheat sheet” to end all cheat sheets.

Tuesday DFS Training Podcast

JM talks big-picture DFS strategy and theory — often through the lens of the week behind us or the week ahead.

“The Slate”

The most important late-week listen in DFS: Hilow and Xandamere break down the slate from top to bottom, through the lens of strategy, leverage, and game theory — helping us find the clearest paths to the top of the leaderboards.

Sunday Morning Strategy Updates

Mike Johnson provides his late-week thoughts on key decision-points and late-breaking news.

“Cheat Sheet” Ownership Projections

“Cheat Sheet” projections include strategy notes, insights, and interpretations on key ownership situations — helping you harness the power of ownership projections each week.

DFS Workshops

Workshops throughout the NFL season consisting of compact lessons on a “more specific” area of DFS play (large-field, multi-entry, cash games, qualifiers, etc.).


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