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Masterclass :: NFL +

JM's NFL Profitability Masterclass Taking Control Over Time A video exploration of the first step in building a successful NFL Profitability process of your own. Developing A Process A video exploration of what it looks like to begin developing your...

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Everything NFL :: 2020!

THE EVERYTHING NFL BUNDLE Don't Play DFS At A Disadvantage! + $29 :: Hilow's Bankroll-Boosting GPP Training + $39 :: JM's DFS Process Course (Audio!) + $39 :: X's Advanced Showdowns + $39 :: X's Single-Game Mastery + $39 ::...

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By Cory & JM

Betting Sharp

Betting Sharp Members have access to :: Four written lessons from our OWS betting analyst, Cory, covering the foundations of profitable betting. Five training videos from Cory and JM, discussing the ins and outs of long-term profitable betting (with the...

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By Hilow

Leveraging Game Theory For GPP Bankroll Boosting

We'll Put It Like This... Hilow had 80% profitable weekends in NFL last year (16 out of 20!) playing only GPPs... ...then he wrote a course :: diving into the ins and outs of what the field is doing wrong,...

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By SonicLibrarian (nhpain)

DFS Tournament Mastermind Training

A Note From JM :: I've been in this industry for seven years now. I have literally (without hyperbole) never seen work on the level of this course. (Like...I'm about to be out of a job.) I would pay over...

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By Xandamere

Unfound Optimals

On nearly 50% of 2019 Showdown slates on DraftKings, nobody found the optimal lineup, representing a massive pile of untapped “solo first place” finishes. Xandamere dives into the data to see what all 2019 Optimals looked like; then he explores the...

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By Xandamere

Single Game Mastery

Why We Have This Course :: The Main Slate for DFS is still beatable (though for the most part, you have to be pretty good), and you can find plenty of arguments (and even plenty of examples) that NFL lines...

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Everything Xandamere Bundle!

EVERYTHING XANDAMERE BUNDLE + $39 :: Advanced Showdowns a data-driven deep-dive into Showdown tourney approaches, constructions, edges, etc. :: all the little things you need to know to take advantage of the edge available in Showdowns + $39 :: Single-Game...

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Updated With 2020 Data!

Advanced Showdowns

Why We Have This Course :: As Xandamere would say: "Because Showdown is soft."Showdown is currently the softest game type around, and there are only a few DFS players who have figured out how to hammer this edge to the...

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By JM :: 2019

NFL DFS Process

Why We Have This Course :: There are people who know the NFL inside and out and are poor NFL DFS players; and there are people who don't know the NFL at all and are tremendous NFL DFS players. What...

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Amazon Third-Party Seller Course

Why We Have This Course :: From JM :: Last summer, I grabbed dinner with my former roommate Jake, who had made $142,000 (profit) as an Amazon third-party seller over the previous 12 months. Jake had been an Amazon third-party...

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