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DFS Strategy Masterclass

By Xandamere :: 2021
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by JM

What really separates successful DFS players is the realization that DFS is a game of strategy, a game of math, a game of economics, and a game of psychology. I believe that if you succeed at these elements you will be a successful DFS player.

  • In the early days of DFS, it was enough to simply be better than the field at “knowing who the good plays are.” But as we often say on OWS :: “DFS is not about knowing who the good plays are.” In fact — as we learn in this (incredible) course from Xandamere — “knowing who the good plays are” is merely the first “Level” (out of six levels in all!) to dominating our competition at this stage in the evolution of Daily Fantasy Sports.
  • Throughout this course, Xandamere explores all six “Levels” required to better our competition, including practical examples and an exploration of the areas where our competition is already paying attention, as well as the areas our competition is still overlooking.
  • If DFS is “not about knowing who the good plays are,” it’s our job at OWS to make sure YOU are equipped with a complete understanding of what DFS is really about! That’s why this course was put together. And that’s why we have this course!


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Lesson 1 ::

Levels Of DFS Understanding
From This Lesson (Which Is Free!) ::
  • “I’ve played DFS since 2013. At first, like many DFS players, I thought it was a game about sports knowledge, and that if I knew the sport better than the field I would have an edge. As the years have gone by, I’ve realized that isn’t true at all. DFS is a game in which sports knowledge is only a relatively small piece of the puzzle (and smaller with each passing year, as I’ll dig into later). What really separates successful DFS players is the realization that DFS is a game of strategy, a game of math, a game of economics, and a game of psychology. I believe that if you succeed at these elements you will be a successful DFS player.” 

There are scores of DFS players who were among the most competitive/profitable players in 2014, 2015, etc…and who are no longer relevant today. DFS is not only a game of strategy, math, economics, and psychology, but it is also (as a direct result of being this type of game!) a game that continues to develop over time. Xandamere uses this first lesson to explore the layers of strategy growth that have taken place :: both in the industry, and for us as individual players.

Also From This Lesson (Which Is Free!) ::
  • “What worked last season may not work this season. If you want to be a successful long-term DFS player, you need to keep learning and staying ahead of the curve.” 

Lesson 2 ::

The Evolution Of DFS
From This Lesson (Which Is Also Free!) ::
  • “This is where we diverge a bit from the history of DFS into the present and near-future state of the game; this is where the fun starts and where the value of this course begins!”

Xandamere takes a look at the strategy level/approach to which the majority of “sharper casual players” have ascended, and he sets the stage for the steps that can begin to truly separate us from the field.

Lesson 3 ::


“Leverage” is the level of DFS strategy that our competition is actively trying to move toward right now. They don’t fully “get it” just yet, however — which means we gain a substantial, tangible edge on the field by grasping the full scope of this topic ourselves. As Xandamere says in this lesson :: “SIMPLY PUT, LEVERAGE IS A WAY TO PLAY OFF OF WHAT THE FIELD WILL BE DOING IN A WAY THAT, IF YOU’RE CORRECT, WILL MAXIMIZE YOUR BENEFIT.”

Lesson 4 ::

Asking The Right Questions
From this lesson ::
  • “There’s not a right answer here, but there ARE the right questions to be asking, and these are the kinds of things you should be thinking about on every single slate.”

Xandamere explores one of the levels of DFS thinking/play that the vast majority of the field has no idea existsa level that gives us a significant edge on the field. What is the game of DFS really about? Asking the right questions helps us cut through the B.S. and find the rosters that can put us in profitable territory much more quickly!

Lesson 5 ::

Increasing Your Odds

Why do we stack?

Why do we pay attention to leverage?

And how do we assess our play when we know we won’t win a tourney every week?

By understanding the principles of proper DFS strategy/play, we can increase our odds of a first-place finish…and we can know we’re on the right track even before we get there!

Lesson 6 ::

Xandamere’s Weekly Process

In this critical lesson, Xandamere dives DEEP into his process for the week, laying out how he sorts and categorizes players, teams, games, etc., and how he pulls all of this together into rosters that put him in profitable position over time.

Lesson 7 ::

Bankroll Management

Bankroll is alluded to all the time in DFS, but rarely is the topic taken on with a nuanced look at what it actually means. How should you view/handle your bankroll in DFS? Xandamere takes a look at the way he sees bankroll, and the ways you can consider managing bankroll yourself.

Lesson 8 ::

Contest Selection Strategy

Rosters required to win different types of contests will — obviously, and inevitably — look somewhat different from one another. In spite of the obvious sense this makes, however, most DFS players — in the thick of the season — tend to forget that this is something they should be thinking about or paying attention to. As a result, we see a lot of people entering the wrong TYPES of rosters into the wrong types of contests. In this lesson, Xandamere takes a look at how we should be approaching cash games, large-field tourneys, and small-field tourneys in order to maximize our ROI over time.

Lesson 9 ::

The Keys To Success

Know Your Edge // Consistency // Managing Emotions

Because of how much more popular it is to simply focus on questions like, “Who are the best plays this week?” topics like “Knowing Your Edge,” “Creating Consistency,” and “Properly Managing Emotions” often go (entirely) overlooked. In this lesson, Xandamere takes on these topics — helping you round out your DFS game so you can gain intangible edges that lead to tangible profit!


  • As Xandamere says in Lesson 6 ::
    • “…being a successful DFS player is not “easy.” It takes work, both to practice and improve your skillset, and to build rosters for each slate. There is no magic bullet that will let you win all the money without putting in a significant amount of time and effort.”
  • That isn’t necessarily what everyone wants to hear; and if you fall into that category of “not wanting to hear” that, this course probably isn’t for you.
  • If, however, you are taking DFS seriously, and are hunting for a deeper understanding of the elements you (and your competition!) might still be overlooking, this course can be a game-changer for your play!

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Customer Reviews On This Course

Rated 4.4 out of 5
5 ratings
Very good0%
Rated 2 out of 5
September 4, 2023

Absolutely worth the cost and much more. One of the sharpest minds in this industry and this course is information overload . Highly recommend this course from the legend Xanamere.

Rated 5 out of 5
August 30, 2023

This is the perfect complement to JM’s and Hilows Roster Courses. He provides great insight into where the current field’s line of thinking is and is heading. His example and explanation of what leverages and how it can be incorporated your process is well worth it. I recommend this course to all experience DFS levels there are so many take aways that can be add to your process as he walks through his own.

Bryan Becker
Rated 5 out of 5
August 28, 2023

Xandamere’s process and approach to the NFL DFS season as a whole was really eye opening. I’ve always struggled with defining my process and not getting too high with the highs and too low with the lows. X sharing his weekly process and overall view on the entire NFL DFS season not only gave me ideas on how I can adjust my process, but also reassured me to trust my gut (to an extent!) while consistently improving and refining my process.
I recommend this to DFS players at literally any experience level. Whether you’re a beginner, or have been playing for nearly a decade, I think anyone can find some really good takeaways in this course.

Dylan Mendelowitz
Rated 5 out of 5
September 4, 2021

I cannot recommend this course any more highly. As a grinder I don’t have a problem doing research but haven’t been able to reach the next level of roster construction on a consistent basis. Xander’s advice on how to think about the slate and approach roster construction is extremely beneficial.

Rated 5 out of 5
September 1, 2021

This course is straight up fire!!
I really enjoyed Hilow’s End around article last year and this course from Xandamere is along a similar line, really enjoyable to read and get your brain working!
Nice to see Xandamere sharing his thoughts and process with us and also a course that isnt solely on Showdown, but still applies to it. I particularly enjoyed Lesson 4 + 6!
OWS really is the place to be if you want to take your DFS to the next level!

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