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Bedrocks Of NBA Strategy

By Xandamere

Why We Have This Course ::

  • Positive results tend to reinforce behavior. When something “good” happens for someone, they tend to follow the same process or approach in an effort to create that “good” outcome again.
  • Unfortunately for most DFS players, however (and fortunately for us!), people tend to be pretty bad at identifying what truly qualifies as a “good” outcome.
  • Is it good to cash in tourneys? Not if it means you’re never getting first place! Those who merely “cash in tourneys” tend to gradually bleed out money…while constantly pointing to the few things that went wrong to prevent them from reaching the top. The thinking goes something like this: “If I just continue down this path, I’ll eventually have a slate where everything goes right.”
  • Is it good to merely “do pretty good in cash games”? A lot of players feel great when they double up in cash games…without paying close enough attention to realize that they are only cashing on around 45% of slates. Again, the thinking goes, “I’m so close to profitability; once I go on a hot streak, I’ll be raking in money.”
  • The short-term rewards in the above instances lead far too many DFS players to a place where they think variance must be the culprit…when the true culprit is a set of fundamental flaws in their DFS play.

if you’re able to ignore that noise and focus on building your “NBA DFS player” skill set, you can look forward to the start of NBA season every year, knowing that you’ll come out on the other side with profit

Who This Course Is For ::

  • Frankly, this course is for everyone. (Any DFS player, at any level of play, could read this course and come away with new knowledge, ideas, and understanding.)
  • More particularly, however: this course is for any DFS player who wants to gain a deeper understanding of what they can do to turn cash game profit into a foregone conclusion during NBA season, and to truly maximize the chances of a first-place tournament finish.
  • If you’re just getting started with NBA for the first time, you may want to begin with Hilow’s “Transitioning from NFL to NBA” course; but regardless of where you are as an NBA DFS player (brand new, or relatively advanced), this course is a tremendous tool for helping you to close out leaks, orient yourself with the long-term in mind, and position yourself for profitable NBA DFS play!

But don’t take our word for it.

Find out for yourself!

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