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Xandamere Showdown Bundle

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+ $39 :: Advanced Showdowns

a data-driven deep-dive into Showdown tourney approaches, constructions, edges, etc. :: all the little things you need to know to take advantage of the edge available in Showdowns

+ $39 :: Single-Game Mastery

the softest spots for making money in the NFL these days are prop betting and Showdowns, and for each of these, you need to be able to properly assess a single game; includes a bonus Masterclass audio note from JM

+ $39 :: Showdown Optimals

in nearly 50% of 2019 Showdown tournaments on DraftKings, no one found the optimal lineup — representing a giant pile of untapped “solo-first” finishes; Xandamere dives deep into the data to find out what the field is missing

+ $39 :: FanDuel Single-Game

with most of the content in the DFS space focused on DraftKings (and with FanDuel offering adjustments in scoring and format compared to DraftKings), there is a MASSIVE edge available in understanding how to attack FanDuel play

Hundreds of dollars worth of DFS training (and thousands of dollars worth of edge) for only ::

= $156


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