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FanDuel Single-Game Strategy

By Xandamere
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by JM

From the first lesson of this course:

Why is the Fanduel single-game format “easier?” A few reasons:

  • Lack of available data means a lack of content specific to the format. We’ve seen Draftkings Showdown content pop up all over the place in the last couple of years, but there is very little focused on Fanduel because nobody has any data to use for it, outside of one NumberFire article from 2020 for which the site got access to FD data as they’re owned by the same parent company.
  • A general content industry bias towards Draftkings. OWS skews towards Draftkings, as do most sites. It’s generally viewed as the “better” site, and the “sharper” site – better scoring, sharper pricing, etc. That’s wonderful if you play for ego and want to win on the “toughest” site, but if what we care about is making money, Fanduel is a great place to be. I’ve been more profitable on Fanduel in every major sport over the past few years, and I don’t think I’m a “better” player there, but I do think the competition is somewhat softer. 
  • Positionally, Fanduel’s single-game contests don’t include defenses. Since defense is the highest variance position, removing that variance lowers the overall volatility of the format. What this means in mathematical terms is that sharper players who build better rosters will realize their “actual” EV more readily. 

In 2018, Xandamere taught us how to attack the broad, soft underbelly of Showdown play.

Now it’s time for FanDuel to get the Xandamere treatment at last.

If you like soft contests with a massive edge over the field given the superior knowledge/insight you’ll be carrying around with you, you probably want to read this course. Similar to the 2018 Showdown course: this is the kind of course that rapidly pays for itself.


  • If you have time for “Showdown” (island game) play, this course is for you. As Xandamere notes in the first lesson of this course, DFS is about making money. With that in mind, we should go where there’s the easiest money to be made. Why is this some of the “easiest money to be made”?

Also from the first lesson:

Ever since I published my original Draftkings Showdown strategy course, people have been asking me, “What about Fanduel? Are you going to do something like this for FD?” My answer has always been “I’d like to, but Fanduel doesn’t share their data like Draftkings does.” On Draftkings, you can download full .CSV files of every contest entry, but you can’t on Fanduel;  just putting together a data set would be a massive amount of work. Well, I’m happy to say that, with a lot of manual effort (and some help!), I now have my hands on a robust set of Fanduel contest data for the 2020 season…and I think the edge on Fanduel is even greater than on Draftkings!

Think about that for a moment.

  1. We have softer fields to compete against
  2. We have piles of insight they don’t have
  3. We have Xandamere breaking down those insights, making them easy to understand and implement

Who Is This Course For?

If you have time for Island Game play, this course is for you.

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Customer Reviews On This Course

Rated 5 out of 5
5 ratings
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Rated 5 out of 5
September 14, 2021

Wow a masterclass just for fanduel. After taking the course and reading all the data and how to implement it to tournament and cash games. It made my process a lot easier to construct a roster and it’s just a matter of time until I take one down. Highly recommend this course if you play fanduel single game. Thank you @xandamere and the OWS crew for making this course!

Rated 5 out of 5
September 14, 2021

Xandamere! Thanks for putting this course together. The breakdown of FD numbers and how to apply them to roster construction on FD is great. Definitely a great addition to a DFS player’s toolbox. What an Edge! Definitely Recommend!!

Rated 5 out of 5
September 14, 2021

Wow, what an edge this course provides! All you hear is play QB at the MVP spot but X uses the data and gives us actionable pieces to work with to leverage what the field is doing. Once again, X has provided great insight into how to attack a single game slate. This course is a must for anyone looking to gain an edge on the field. X is so good at breaking down the data in an easy to understand format.

Jeffrey Bingham
Rated 5 out of 5
September 14, 2021

Really enjoyed the course. Xandamere wanted to wait until he had sufficient data to release the course, which speaks to the integrity of the product. The data, takeaways, and the other strategy elements as well as the refresher to consider the game flow were all quite useful and I look forward to implementing this information in future contests.
Rated 5 out of 5
September 14, 2021

Xandamere is the man! As soon as I purchased the course I got right down to business and started to take in the whole process. I wanted to start a new process and try attacking the smaller slates. One game slates. The knowledge that comes from Xandamere is definitely gifted with his game theory material and knowledge. If you’re objective is to gain more game theory and skill, this is the course for you. I know once I take in this course and have it become second nature, I’m going to purchase his next one. Excellent read, X! As I said from the start, YOU’RE THE MAN!!

Shawn Garfield
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