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Mike Johnson BUNDLE

DFS Resumé

– MJohnson86 –

Over $400,000 in lifetime DFS PROFIT

$300,000 in the last three years!

Double-digit Top Five finishes in large-field GPPs

+ $29 :: Expected Value

we talk all the time about “expected value,” but what is it really? Mike uses this course to dive into the ins and outs of “EV,” positioning us to better understand the long-term expected value of the decisions we are making

+ $29 :: Checking The Boxes

“DFS is not about knowing who the good plays are”…and yet, “knowing who the good plays are” is a vital first step toward a winning weekend; in this course, Mike breaks down his step-by-step process toward building a sharper player pool

+ $39 :: Anatomy Of A Champion

Mike Johnson knows what a winning DFS roster looks like, because he’s been down that road many times before; this course takes a deeper look at the anatomy of a winning roster, setting us up to attack first place

+ $39 :: The FanDuel Edge

with most of the content in the DFS space focused on DraftKings (and with FanDuel offering adjustments in scoring and format compared to DraftKings), there is a MASSIVE edge available in understanding how to attack FanDuel play

Hundreds of dollars worth of DFS training (and thousands of dollars worth of edge) for only ::

= $136


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