Thursday, Sep 5th
Monday, Sep 9th

DFS Game Theory Bible Introduction

First off, this course is not for everyone. I want to be abundantly clear on that fact from the beginning. By that, I mean we are going to be discussing some of the highest-level theoretics currently explored in the realm of Game Theory, their application to DFS, and the edges that can be gained on the field through that application. I am going to leverage what we have previously discussed in the two Game Theory courses that have come before this (“Leveraging Game Theory for GPP Bankroll Boosting” and “My Sharpest Edge: The Theory of Roster Construction”) to not repeat anything, as well as to push our understanding, manipulation, and application of Game Theory to new levels this year.

The ultimate goal is to remain ahead of the field with respect to the edges that can be gained from Game Theory and their application to DFS. This journey has tailored my delivery over the years and has led to defining new and breaking applications, from the chalk build, good chalk versus bad chalk, net-adjusted line yards in 2020, to human psychology in DFS, theoretical roster construction, theoretical portfolio management, and restrictive and expansive chalk in 2021, all of which, to my knowledge, had not been discussed anywhere previously. To that end, my goal in this piece is to break each of the areas of Game Theory that we will discuss down to levels that bridge the gap between theoretics and repeatable habit patterns, able to be applied to each slate we enter. With that disclaimer now over, let us begin!

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