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Game Theory Guide To Crushing Best Ball Tourneys

By Hilow
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Why We Have This Course ::

  • If you’ve spent any amount of time on One Week Season, you know that there’s a reason we’re not a “picks” site for NFL DFS ::
“Picks” are pointless!
  • “Picks” don’t win you DFS tournaments. You win DFS tournaments by understanding proper strategy // leverage // mindset // game theory, through the lens of roster construction and portfolio composition…
  • …and if you want to maximize your chances of winning Best Ball tournaments, the same things can be said.
  • What’s more :: Your competition is making far more mistakes in Best Ball than they are in DFS!
    • The edge is tangible!
    • Are you taking advantage?
  • In this course, Hilow dives into ::
    • The Power Of Game Theory In Best Ball (Free!)
    • Variance (Free!)
    • Game Theory
    • Leverage
    • Portfolio & Bankroll Management
  • Through these explorations, he prepares and positions you to understand the math and strategies behind Best Ball Tourney Drafting at a level miles above your competition, helping you to dramatically outperform opponents in your Best Ball Tourney drafts :: maximizing the number of teams you’ll push into the playoff rounds, and positioning you for the highest probability of a first-place finish!

Who This Course Is For ::

  • Typically, we use this space to first say who a given course is *Not* for. But as I (JM) began to write who this course is *Not* for, I was going to say, “If you’ve done several hundred Best Ball drafts of your own, you might be among the few who already understand all the elements laid out here”; but then I realized that I’ve done several hundred Best Ball drafts of my own, and there were still a number of eye-opening segments in this course for me! So…
  • If you’re only doing Best Ball drafts casually, and only plan to do four or five drafts in all, this course isn’t going to have maximum impact for you…
  • But if you’re attacking Best Ball tourneys, this course is going to help you see a number of eye-opening angles, in ways that will allow the course to pay for itself many times over!

But Don’t Take Our Word For it >>

The FULL Best Ball Game Theory Course Is Only $39!

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Customer Reviews On This Course

Rated 4 out of 5
1 ratings
Very good100%
Rated 4 out of 5
September 4, 2021

Great content and big help to my process. Well worth the investment.

Kevin May
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