Thursday, Sep 21st

49ers @ Hawks

DFS Showdown Strategy

By: Xandamere


The way Vegas expects this game to play out is relatively low-scoring, but I think there’s a wide range of outcomes in play here. We have uncertainty around the 49ers quarterback situation (is he good? Is he awful? Neither would surprise me!) and we have a Seattle passing game that has outperformed expectations all season. I think we could see some surprises here.

Potential Scenarios
  • Brock Purdy has looked at least somewhat competent in his last two games, but we’re talking about a 7th round draft pick. Would it really surprise anybody if he fell flat on his face in a road game at Seattle and the 49ers got whomped? The flip side of this coin is he has explosive playmakers, and if he can just get the ball into their hands, good things can happen.
  • The Seahawks passing offense has two elite receivers (and another really fast dude). They’re also highly concentrated. Would it surprise anyone if Lockett and Metcalf each scored a touchdown?
Cash Games

In cash games, my player pool consists of CMC, Geno, the kickers, and Walker as my primary pieces. If I need a value play, I think McCloud or Dissly make reasonable plays. Purdy would be a nice-to-have in cash for me, but I don’t think he’s mandatory (Johnson, if he starts, would feel stronger to me, both because of his rushing ability and his price). 


In tournaments, CMC is the best on-paper captain and likely to be the most popular one, but I want to be overweight on the major skill position players: Lockett, Metcalf, Kittle, Walker, Aiyuk in that order.

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