Kickoff Thursday, Nov 26th 12:30pm Eastern

Texans (
27.5) at

Lions (

Over/Under 52.0


Key Matchups
Texans Run D
24th DVOA/28th Yards allowed per carry
Lions Run O
15th DVOA/18th Yards per carry
Texans Pass D
18th DVOA/27th Yards allowed per pass
Lions Pass O
7th DVOA/6th Yards per pass
Lions Run D
26th DVOA/30th Yards allowed per carry
Texans Run O
32nd DVOA/30th Yards per carry
Lions Pass D
28th DVOA/32nd Yards allowed per pass
Texans Pass O
31st DVOA/25th Yards per pass

Wednesday Note 1 ::

The Ravens // Steelers game has officially been moved off the Thanksgiving slate.

This is disappointing, but is not entirely unexpected; in fact, all three games (and the DFS+ Interpretation segment for all three games) were written against the backdrop of this possibility.

With a full weekend of games to get ready for on our end (we're hard at work on the Main Slate NFL Edge!), we'll mostly keep the writeups situated as they currently stand :: with the first two games broken down in their respective areas, and with our comprehensive short-slate Interpretation segment now . . .

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