Kickoff Sunday, Nov 29th 1:00pm Eastern

Cards (
25.75) at

Patriots (

Over/Under 50.5


Key Matchups
Cardinals Run D
27th DVOA/23rd Yards allowed per carry
Patriots Run O
21st DVOA/21st Yards per carry
Cardinals Pass D
19th DVOA/7th Yards allowed per pass
Patriots Pass O
25th DVOA/20th Yards per pass
Patriots Run D
10th DVOA/8th Yards allowed per carry
Cardinals Run O
27th DVOA/17th Yards per carry
Patriots Pass D
3rd DVOA/14th Yards allowed per pass
Cardinals Pass O
29th DVOA/32nd Yards per pass

Game Overview ::

By JM >>

New England's approach is likely to be heavily influenced by what the Cardinals are able to do on offenseThe Patriots are quietly facing the highest opponent rush play rate in the leagueThis game could play out a few different ways......and these ways might not translate into DFS production in quite the way the field is likely to assume

How New England Will Try To Win ::

The Patriots have not made it a secret that they don’t trust Cam Newton to carry games for them with his arm this year, with only . . .

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