Kickoff Sunday, Nov 29th 1:00pm Eastern

Browns (
27.5) at

Jaguars (

Over/Under 48.0


Key Matchups
Browns Run D
5th DVOA/14th Yards allowed per carry
Jaguars Run O
26th DVOA/30th Yards per carry
Browns Pass D
2nd DVOA/6th Yards allowed per pass
Jaguars Pass O
13th DVOA/18th Yards per pass
Jaguars Run D
6th DVOA/9th Yards allowed per carry
Browns Run O
21st DVOA/25th Yards per carry
Jaguars Pass D
12th DVOA/17th Yards allowed per pass
Browns Pass O
26th DVOA/13th Yards per pass

Game Overview ::

By JM >>

Both of these teams want to win games on the groundCleveland is less likely to abandon this strategy when falling behind...and they are less likely to fall behindJacksonville will continue running as long as the game is within seven points, but they're quicker to shift to the passOne question that matters in this one: how equipped are the Browns to build a really big lead?

How Cleveland Will Try To Win ::

Has there ever been an easier segment to write up?

With the thought in mind that many teams use the first . . .

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