Kickoff Sunday, Nov 29th 8:20pm Eastern

Bears (
18) at

Packers (

Over/Under 44.0


Key Matchups
Bears Run D
4th DVOA/8th Yards allowed per carry
Packers Run O
5th DVOA/2nd Yards per carry
Bears Pass D
13th DVOA/10th Yards allowed per pass
Packers Pass O
2nd DVOA/4th Yards per pass
Packers Run D
19th DVOA/5th Yards allowed per carry
Bears Run O
25th DVOA/14th Yards per carry
Packers Pass D
14th DVOA/1st Yards allowed per pass
Bears Pass O
23rd DVOA/10th Yards per pass

Sunday night football brings us a less-than-exciting matchup as the Bears visit the Packers (why does it feel like we’ve had so many Bears island game showdowns? Jeez). This game has a total of 44.5 with Green Bay favored by nine; which means the Bears are projected for just about 18 points.  It looks like Mitch Trubisky will be taking the reins at QB this week with Nick Foles out, but given how the Bears have treated Trubisky this year (benching him for Foles even when he hadn’t been playing THAT . . .

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