Kickoff Sunday, Sep 8th 1:00pm Eastern

Titans (
19.25) at

Browns (

Over/Under 44.0


Key Matchups
Titans Run D
10th DVOA/12th Yards allowed per carry
Browns Run O
10th DVOA/12th Yards per carry
Titans Pass D
21st DVOA/24th Yards allowed per pass
Browns Pass O
19th DVOA/22nd Yards per pass
Browns Run D
29th DVOA/30th Yards allowed per carry
Titans Run O
5th DVOA/3rd Yards per carry
Browns Pass D
16th DVOA/7th Yards allowed per pass
Titans Pass O
6th DVOA/21st Yards per pass

Titans at Browns is a fun real-life game between two young teams that have similar mindsets in what should be a gritty, physical battle. The Browns have a new head coach; the Titans have a new offensive coordinator; but there is actually more that we know about these offenses and what they want to do than there is that we don't know.

We take a deeper look at the Browns' offense HERE — but the gist of this team is that they want to take control on offense, dictating the game on this side of the game while spreading . . .

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