Kickoff Sunday, Nov 27th 1:00pm Eastern

Ravens (
23.25) at

Jaguars (

Over/Under 43.0


Key Matchups
Ravens Run D
7th DVOA/27th Yards allowed per carry
Jaguars Run O
26th DVOA/30th Yards per carry
Ravens Pass D
1st DVOA/1st Yards allowed per pass
Jaguars Pass O
13th DVOA/18th Yards per pass
Jaguars Run D
6th DVOA/9th Yards allowed per carry
Ravens Run O
1st DVOA/3rd Yards per carry
Jaguars Pass D
12th DVOA/17th Yards allowed per pass
Ravens Pass O
4th DVOA/4th Yards per pass

Game Overview ::

By Mike JoHnson>>
  • On the surface, this game appears to feature two teams with balanced to slightly run-heavy philosophies.
  • A deeper dive shows us a path to a surprisingly pass-heavy game on both sides of the ball.
  • These teams have combined to be a part of only one game since Week 5 that has totaled 50+ points.
  • Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews are practicing in full at the same time for the first time since Andrews was injured in Week 7.

How Baltimore Will Try To Win ::

The Ravens do not play with a fast tempo, they rank 25th in the league in situation-neutral pace of play and 31st in seconds per snap. Their pass rate is slightly below expectation and they rely heavily on their running backs and Lamar Jackson’s legs to move the chains and sustain drives. The Ravens have completed over 20 passes in a game only three times this season. They were throwing the ball more aggressively early this year but have since lost Rashod Bateman for the season while both Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews have struggled with injuries in recent weeks.

This week, the Ravens face a Jaguars defense that has been solid against the run but ranks 31st in the NFL in pass defense DVOA. Jacksonville is just “average” against the run, so we shouldn’t expect the Ravens to stray too far from their preferred method of attack, but the stress the Ravens dual-threat running game puts on a defense should open them up to some potential big plays against a beatable secondary. This week is the first time since Week 7 that both Mark Andrews and Lamar Jackson have practiced in full together, which could be perfect timing for such an advantageous matchup. Gus Edwards is also returning for the Ravens this week and should split time with both Kenyan Drake and Justice Hill. This running back by committee approach is preferred by the Ravens and allows them to always have fresh bodies on the field.

How Jacksonville Will Try To Win ::

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