Kickoff Sunday, Nov 27th 4:25pm Eastern

Rams (
13.25) at

Chiefs (

Over/Under 42.0


Key Matchups
Rams Run D
23rd DVOA/15th Yards allowed per carry
Chiefs Run O
17th DVOA/17th Yards per carry
Rams Pass D
14th DVOA/22nd Yards allowed per pass
Chiefs Pass O
5th DVOA/16th Yards per pass
Chiefs Run D
27th DVOA/28th Yards allowed per carry
Rams Run O
11th DVOA/13th Yards per carry
Chiefs Pass D
3rd DVOA/5th Yards allowed per pass
Rams Pass O
16th DVOA/4th Yards per pass

Game Overview ::

By mike johnson >>
  • Just when Rams fans thought it couldn’t get any worse, it’s about to hit rock bottom.
  • The Rams defense is significantly worse against the pass than the run, and we should expect the Chiefs to gladly exploit that weakness.
  • Kansas City is the league’s top-scoring offense, while the Rams rank 29th and are now without their two best offensive players.
  • The status of the Rams starting quarterback to replace Matthew Stafford is in question as of Friday.

How los angeles Will Try To Win ::

Do you believe in miracles? The NFL is widely known for its parity, and most weeks, any team can win any game, but this particular matchup certainly seems like one of the bigger longshots of the season – which is reflected in the huge point spread. The fact of the matter is that the Chiefs offense has been a machine this year, leading the league with a scoring average of 30 points per game. Meanwhile, the Rams offense has scored 30 points only once all season and over 20 points only twice. Making matters worse for the Rams, their two star offensive players, Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp, will not be playing in this game. Kansas City’s defense has been solid this year and can be very opportunistic when they build a lead and get to pick on overmatched offenses – which is exactly the scenario we could be facing this week.

It has not yet been announced who will start at quarterback for the Rams. The options are John Wolford, who started against the Cardinals in a 27-17 loss in Week 10, or Bryce Perkins, an undrafted quarterback who has never made an NFL start and relies mainly on his legs to make plays. Perkins came on in relief of Stafford last week and took most of the first-team reps in practice this week, but Wolford, who is coming back from his own neck injury, probably gives the Rams their best chance of moving the ball and staying competitive. It would not be shocking if the Rams used both quarterbacks as a way to keep the Chiefs guessing and to leverage the athleticism of Perkins while not having to sacrifice or change everything about their offense. Regardless of who the quarterback is, the Rams are likely to play slow and run the ball often in an attempt to keep the ball out of the hands of Patrick Mahomes. If Wolford starts, there will be a lot of short area passes and handoffs, while if Perkins starts, they may be able to add some zone-read runs and bootlegs to get him out on the move. Whichever quarterback plays will be under pressure often behind a league-worst offensive line, which may make Perkins a better choice as he may be able to do a better job of avoiding sacks.

How kansas city Will Try To Win ::

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