Kickoff Sunday, Sep 24th 1:00pm Eastern

Patriots (
19) at

Jets (

Over/Under 35.5


Key Matchups
Patriots Run D
1st DVOA/1st Yards allowed per carry
Jets Run O
32nd DVOA/13th Yards per carry
Patriots Pass D
13th DVOA/9th Yards allowed per pass
Jets Pass O
31st DVOA/31st Yards per pass
Jets Run D
14th DVOA/11th Yards allowed per carry
Patriots Run O
23rd DVOA/24th Yards per carry
Jets Pass D
3rd DVOA/7th Yards allowed per pass
Patriots Pass O
29th DVOA/28th Yards per pass

Game Overview ::

By papy324 >>
  • The best DFS plays from this game are the defenses.
  • Zach Wilson kills the value of the Jets skill players.
  • Both Patriots TEs are in play for different reasons.
  • Rhamondre Stevenson has a path to 20 touches.

How new england Will Try To Win ::

Bill Belichick finds himself in a spot that he hasn’t been in the past 20 years. Remarkably, Bill hasn’t started a season 0-2 since 2001! That is an insane run and highlights how great Tom Brady was for such a long time. Everyone has heard the stat that only a small percentage of teams that start 0-2 make the playoffs. The numbers since 1990 are 31 out of 270 teams (just over 11%) that have made the playoffs. That’s scary statistical territory for the Patriots. That number drops all the way down to only six teams since the NFL merger (1979) that have made the playoffs after starting 0-3. The Patriots need to win this game to feel like this isn’t already a wasted year. 

The Patriots new offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien always felt like a familiar face, rather than an aggressive hire. The only NFL success on his resume came as Tom Brady’s QB coach. That’s like growing up in America, going to a foreign speaking country, taking an English class, and getting an A. The Patriots offense looks like it knows they’re supposed to play fast, but they don’t know how to play fast. It’s as if a toddler is being screamed at to run but can only muster a few quick steps before falling to their knees. The Patriots lead the league in no-huddle rate and rank third in situational neutral pass rate. Despite all the play volume, they’ve only scored 20 and 17 points. They played two close games against good teams (Eagles & Dolphins) but that’s largely because Belichick can get the most out of his defense. As of now, it seems like the Patriots have changed offensive philosophies and are going to run an up-tempo, pass leaning offense. However, they are 0-2, and this matchup favors trying to run, so it wouldn’t be shocking to see them be the same old “adaptable” Patriots and come out running. Expect a balanced attack, that tries to establish the run more than the first two games but also plays with more tempo than we’ve seen in previous years from the Patriots.  

How new york Will Try To Win ::

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