Kickoff Sunday, Dec 13th 4:05pm Eastern

Colts (
27.25) at

Raiders (

Over/Under 52.0


Key Matchups
Colts Run D
3rd DVOA/10th Yards allowed per carry
Raiders Run O
25th DVOA/28th Yards per carry
Colts Pass D
14th DVOA/19th Yards allowed per pass
Raiders Pass O
17th DVOA/6th Yards per pass
Raiders Run D
9th DVOA/19th Yards allowed per carry
Colts Run O
1st DVOA/2nd Yards per carry
Raiders Pass D
25th DVOA/13th Yards allowed per pass
Colts Pass O
18th DVOA/26th Yards per pass

Game Overview ::

By Hilow >>

Vegas expects a high scoring, close game here (51.5 game total with a spread of only three points), but with Josh Jacobs looking unlikely, I have a hard time seeing how the Raiders consistently move the ballVolume should be present for the Colts as a whole, but their “spread the wealth” offense is not conducive to fantasy productionNot much to love from a fantasy perspective with the Colts likely to control the flow and tempo of the game

How Indianapolis Will Try To Win ::

Indy went from a projected top five rushing offense . . .

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