Kickoff Sunday, Dec 13th 1:00pm Eastern

Cards (
25.25) at

Giants (

Over/Under 47.5


Key Matchups
Cardinals Run D
30th DVOA/26th Yards allowed per carry
Giants Run O
32nd DVOA/22nd Yards per carry
Cardinals Pass D
31st DVOA/17th Yards allowed per pass
Giants Pass O
32nd DVOA/31st Yards per pass
Giants Run D
28th DVOA/30th Yards allowed per carry
Cardinals Run O
15th DVOA/3rd Yards per carry
Giants Pass D
23rd DVOA/29th Yards allowed per pass
Cardinals Pass O
27th DVOA/29th Yards per pass

Game Overview ::

By Hilow >>

The Giants' ability to contain Kyler Murray and slow DeAndre Hopkins is the key matchup for the overall offensive viability from this gameBoth teams are largely set up well to deny the opposition their preferred means of attackingNot a ton to love here

How Arizona Will Try To Win ::

As teams have started to become privy to the limited bi-dimensionality of this Cardinals offense, their weekly scoring ceiling has taken a substantial hit. Over the last three weeks, the Cardinals have scored an average of 22 points per game, far below their season . . .

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