Kickoff Sunday, Dec 13th 1:00pm Eastern

Chiefs (
29.25) at

Dolphins (

Over/Under 51.5


Key Matchups
Chiefs Run D
27th DVOA/24th Yards allowed per carry
Dolphins Run O
3rd DVOA/1st Yards per carry
Chiefs Pass D
5th DVOA/2nd Yards allowed per pass
Dolphins Pass O
2nd DVOA/2nd Yards per pass
Dolphins Run D
21st DVOA/8th Yards allowed per carry
Chiefs Run O
11th DVOA/11th Yards per carry
Dolphins Pass D
18th DVOA/12th Yards allowed per pass
Chiefs Pass O
6th DVOA/19th Yards per pass

Game Overview ::

By JM >>

While this matchup against the Dolphins has been an issue for many teams, it shouldn't be one for the ChiefsThe Chiefs may attack slightly differently in this one than the field will expectThe Dolphins will look to slow down this game and keep things close for as long as possibleThere are certainly some interesting DFS angles in this one

How Kansas City Will Try To Win ::

Miami’s defense ranks 11th in overall DVOA, while ranking sixth vs the pass and 24th vs the run. Only eight teams have pressured the quarterback at . . .

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