Thursday, Sep 5th
Monday, Sep 9th

Week 18

OWS Tournaments:

Beat The Industry
Bottom-Up Build Challenge


DFS Education Courses
Early Week Preview :: StatATL


W-Inner Circle :: JM
The Workbook :: Majesstik


Angles Email :: JM
DFS Lab :: JM + Keegan
TNF Showdown Slant :: Xandamere
Showdown Ownership
Off-Script :: Larejo
NFL Edge


NFL Edge :: Audio
DFS+ Interpretations
Searching for Ceiling :: Hilow + Rich Hribar
DFS Lab FD :: Mike Johnson + Maximus
Block Party :: JM + Pete Overzet (no show Week 18)
Solo Ship :: JM + Squirrel Patrol
DFS Angles Podcast :: JM
JM’s Player Grid


Bink Machine Training :: JM + Keegan
The Slate :: Hilow + Xandamere
Around the Industry
End Around :: Hilow
Mike’s Player Grid :: Mike Johnson
Sonic’s MME Pool :: Sonic
Willing to Lose :: Larejo
Papy’s Pieces:: Papy
Late Swap :: StatATL
Battle Royale :: Lex
4pm Slate :: Mike Johnson
The Oracle


Inactives / Line Movement Email
SNF Showdown :: Xandamere
Showdown Ownership


MNF Showdown Slant :: Xandamere
Showdown Ownership