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Final Thoughts & FAQ

While the prop life isn’t for everyone – it takes discipline and consistent effort – we are confident that it currently holds one of the biggest edges available in our space today. How long will it last? No one knows, but the sun doesn’t shine forever. Use your player knowledge and game flow prowess that OWS subscribers are known for and put it to use in the player props streets. Your wallet will thank you. 

Want to sign up? Awesome! Here’s the link.

In a state with no sportsbooks but have access to Underdog, Prizepicks, and other pick’em sites? We’ve got you covered there too with our pick’em product!

So, are you saying I’m guaranteed to make money with OWS props?

No, we can’t guarantee that. What we can guarantee is that we have a smart team with lengthy track records of success across multiple sports and that we will do our best to find strong, +EV bets, but the results are in the hands of the athletes on the field.

How much do I need to bet in order to make this worth it (i.e. “how big is my unit?” pun intended)?

Unit sizes vary based on your bankroll (again, reference the bankroll management article referenced earlier), and for some small-unit bettors, it frankly may not make sense to invest in a props package. Last year we ended the year up around 90 units across NFL and NBA, so you can do the math: if your unit size is $10, you would have made $900 (which was more than the cost of the props package last year). We cannot promise a certain number of units of return, so you need to decide what you think is an acceptable level of risk, but we would suggest your unit size should be at least $25 in order to make our props package worth your time.

Will I always be able to get the same lines you post?

Probably not. Lines move as bets come in. If you’re online and available to place a bet immediately when we announce it, you’ll almost certainly be able to get the same line we bet, or very close to it. If you come around an hour later, the line may have shifted, and it’s possible it may have shifted beyond what we think makes for a good bet. We will always tell you what a bet is “good until,” so if a line has moved from our original bet selection, you’ll know if it’s still considered a good bet or not. Frankly, we would not recommend trusting any props service that did not result in line movement, because that would be an indicator that they are not very good at what they do. But with that said, we are also careful to limit the maximum number of people subscribed to our props package (more people = more bets on each line = faster line movement, and we want to try to minimize that). 

How will you communicate bets?

Bets are posted in the OWS Discord with alerts so if you have notifications turned on across your devices, you’ll be alerted whenever a bet is posted.

I have another question!

Hop into the OWS Discord and ask Xandamere or Jreasy, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about props.