Kickoff Sunday, Oct 25th 1:00pm Eastern

Steelers (
27.0) at

Titans (

Over/Under 52.0


Key Matchups
Steelers Run D
5th DVOA/11th Yards allowed per carry
Titans Run O
2nd DVOA/2nd Yards per carry
Steelers Pass D
1st DVOA/3rd Yards allowed per pass
Titans Pass O
4th DVOA/23rd Yards per pass
Titans Run D
16th DVOA/19th Yards allowed per carry
Steelers Run O
30th DVOA/32nd Yards per carry
Titans Pass D
30th DVOA/29th Yards allowed per pass
Steelers Pass O
21st DVOA/15th Yards per pass

Game Overview ::

By JM >>

The Titans should be tilted a bit toward the air in this one; but if they can hold up against the Steelers' ferocious pass rush, they have a chance to still do damageThe Steelers set up well in this spot on offense, and should ultimately be in charge of this gameBecause of the teams involved, this game may go overlooked; but there are some clear pieces to consider

How Tennessee Will Try To Win ::

Pittsburgh at Tennessee feels like the sort of high-total game that will go entirely overlooked. This game carries an . . .

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