Kickoff Sunday, Nov 1st 4:25pm Eastern

Saints (
23.25) at

Bears (

Over/Under 41.0


Key Matchups
Saints Run D
1st DVOA/4th Yards allowed per carry
Bears Run O
22nd DVOA/14th Yards per carry
Saints Pass D
4th DVOA/14th Yards allowed per pass
Bears Pass O
27th DVOA/30th Yards per pass
Bears Run D
23rd DVOA/23rd Yards allowed per carry
Saints Run O
28th DVOA/15th Yards per carry
Bears Pass D
10th DVOA/3rd Yards allowed per pass
Saints Pass O
20th DVOA/32nd Yards per pass

Game Overview ::

By Hilow >>

Injuries on both sides; HEAVY wind (25-40 mph) and rain in the forecastThe matchup and weather shouldn’t have an effect on how New Orleans attacks this game but is likely to affect how Chicago attacks this gameChicago in rough shape should Allen Robinson miss with a concussion

How New Orleans Will Try To Win ::

A lot of how New Orleans will try to win will depend on personnel available. As of this writing, we should assume Emmanuel Sanders will miss his second consecutive contest on the COVID list. Michael Thomas returned to . . .

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