Kickoff Sunday, Nov 1st 1:00pm Eastern

Rams (
25) at

Dolphins (

Over/Under 46.5


Key Matchups
Rams Run D
3rd DVOA/3rd Yards allowed per carry
Dolphins Run O
22nd DVOA/22nd Yards per carry
Rams Pass D
4th DVOA/1st Yards allowed per pass
Dolphins Pass O
13th DVOA/20th Yards per pass
Dolphins Run D
23rd DVOA/16th Yards allowed per carry
Rams Run O
4th DVOA/10th Yards per carry
Dolphins Pass D
6th DVOA/23rd Yards allowed per pass
Rams Pass O
20th DVOA/13th Yards per pass

Game Overview ::

By JM >>

We know how the Rams want to try to win games; unfortunately for the Dolphins, this game sets up really well for the Rams to lean on that approachIt's Tua time for the Dolphins; the matchup isn't great, but the Dolphins still have a solid teamWe should expect the Rams to gain control of this game as it moves along; but this game does have a shot at remaining competitiveDFS plays are not abundant here, but there are a couple pieces to think about

How Los Angeles Will Try To Win ::

The . . .

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