Kickoff Wednesday, Dec 2nd 3:40pm Eastern

Ravens (
15.5) at

Steelers (

Over/Under 41.5


Key Matchups
Ravens Run D
12th DVOA/1st Yards allowed per carry
Steelers Run O
30th DVOA/12th Yards per carry
Ravens Pass D
10th DVOA/4th Yards allowed per pass
Steelers Pass O
21st DVOA/1st Yards per pass
Steelers Run D
5th DVOA/9th Yards allowed per carry
Ravens Run O
3rd DVOA/1st Yards per carry
Steelers Pass D
1st DVOA/11th Yards allowed per pass
Ravens Pass O
17th DVOA/11th Yards per pass

UPDATED :: 12/1 @ 7.30 PM ET from Xandamere

JM Update Below

Wow has this game environment changed. It looks like the Ravens will be without Lamar Jackson, Mark Andrews, and Willie Snead on offense at the very least (Mark Ingram and J.K. Dobbins are not allowed on the flight to Pittsburgh today, but they're eligible to come off the Covid list on Wednesday with a negative test, so they could possibly drive themselves there or something and get tested...I guess. It's unlikely but possible). This means Robert Griffin III will be back on the NFL . . .

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