Kickoff Sunday, Dec 6th 1:00pm Eastern

Bengals (
16.5) at

Dolphins (

Over/Under 43.0


Key Matchups
Bengals Run D
14th DVOA/9th Yards allowed per carry
Dolphins Run O
14th DVOA/19th Yards per carry
Bengals Pass D
12th DVOA/29th Yards allowed per pass
Dolphins Pass O
2nd DVOA/1st Yards per pass
Dolphins Run D
9th DVOA/11th Yards allowed per carry
Bengals Run O
4th DVOA/29th Yards per carry
Dolphins Pass D
25th DVOA/12th Yards allowed per pass
Bengals Pass O
7th DVOA/16th Yards per pass

Game Overview ::

By Hilow >>

Cincinnati is treading water here, just trying to gasp for airMiami is likely to control this game with their defense from the start, meaning their offense will be able to attack in any way they choose (which, as we’ll discuss below, depends largely on healthy offensive personnel)There are some intricacies to this game that are going to trip up a lot of people this week

How Cincinnati Will Try To Win ::

Not much changed regarding plan of attack for the Bengals in Week 12 with Brandon Allen at quarterback, as they were . . .

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