Kickoff Sunday, Oct 13th 9:30am Eastern

Panthers (
24.25) at

Bucs (

Over/Under 46.5


Key Matchups
Panthers Run D
32nd DVOA/29th Yards allowed per carry
Buccaneers Run O
26th DVOA/24th Yards per carry
Panthers Pass D
8th DVOA/13th Yards allowed per pass
Buccaneers Pass O
18th DVOA/1st Yards per pass
Buccaneers Run D
1st DVOA/1st Yards allowed per carry
Panthers Run O
5th DVOA/14th Yards per carry
Buccaneers Pass D
12th DVOA/30th Yards allowed per pass
Panthers Pass O
31st DVOA/20th Yards per pass

Showdown Slant ::
Presented by top Showdown mind Xandamere!
Set your alarms early if you’re playing this Showdown, especially if you’re a West Coaster like me. Vegas has this as a fairly close game, with the “road” Panthers installed as 2.5 point favorites in a 47.5 point total. These teams match up kind of strangely — the Bucs have an elite run D but vulnerable secondary, while the Panthers are vulnerable on the ground and but very hard to pass on. That means we have strength on strength matchups here as the Bucs’ vertical passing attack is ill . . .

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