Kickoff Sunday, Sep 13th 4:25pm Eastern

Bucs (
21.75) at

Saints (

Over/Under 47.5


Key Matchups
Buccaneers Run D
2nd DVOA/1st Yards allowed per carry
Saints Run O
6th DVOA/8th Yards per carry
Buccaneers Pass D
1st DVOA/16th Yards allowed per pass
Saints Pass O
8th DVOA/14th Yards per pass
Saints Run D
1st DVOA/2nd Yards allowed per carry
Buccaneers Run O
14th DVOA/26th Yards per carry
Saints Pass D
6th DVOA/11th Yards allowed per pass
Buccaneers Pass O
9th DVOA/11th Yards per pass

Payton is 4-1 vs Arians: 31-7, 19-31, 48-41, 31-24, 34-17As Brees has transitioned to playing just a series in preseason, the Saints have scored 6 and 3 points in the first halves of 2 of their last 3 season-openersIn the first 3 weeks of the last 3 seasons, Allen’s NOR defense has allowed point totals of: (29, 36, 13), (48, 18, 37), (28, 27, 27)Brees’s attempt totals from 2017-19 in W1-W3 vs ROS average: (37 vs 32.7), (43 vs 30), (43 vs 36.7)Brees’s yardage . . .

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