Kickoff Monday, Dec 24th 8:15pm Eastern

Broncos (
22.5) at

Raiders (

Over/Under 42.5


Key Matchups
Broncos Run D
22nd DVOA/15th Yards allowed per carry
Raiders Run O
25th DVOA/28th Yards per carry
Broncos Pass D
20th DVOA/8th Yards allowed per pass
Raiders Pass O
17th DVOA/6th Yards per pass
Raiders Run D
9th DVOA/19th Yards allowed per carry
Broncos Run O
16th DVOA/13th Yards per carry
Raiders Pass D
25th DVOA/13th Yards allowed per pass
Broncos Pass O
13th DVOA/19th Yards per pass

Hey, fam! — testing out an improved format for the Showdown slates. Share your thoughts on Twitter! Looking for ways to increase the value of our Showdown explorations as we start gearing up for 2019.