Kickoff Sunday, Dec 23rd 8:20pm Eastern

Chiefs (
28) at

Hawks (

Over/Under 55.0


Key Matchups
Chiefs Run D
20th DVOA/21st Yards allowed per carry
Seahawks Run O
7th DVOA/11th Yards per carry
Chiefs Pass D
23rd DVOA/27th Yards allowed per pass
Seahawks Pass O
10th DVOA/23rd Yards per pass
Seahawks Run D
8th DVOA/17th Yards allowed per carry
Chiefs Run O
10th DVOA/16th Yards per carry
Seahawks Pass D
27th DVOA/31st Yards allowed per pass
Chiefs Pass O
3rd DVOA/4th Yards per pass

Hey, fam! — testing out an improved format for the Showdown slates. Share your thoughts on Twitter! Looking for ways to increase the value of our Showdown explorations as we start gearing up for 2019.