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The great Kickoff Tradition returns ::

Almost all of One Week Season is free Week 1!!!!

If you would like to gain free access to our community’s curated research for each game on the Week 1 slate (recommended), you can also set up a free Week 1 account. (You will find our community’s research at the bottom of each game in the NFL Edge, integrated directly into the Game Notes function! With this free account, you can also save your own personal game notes, or publish your own research to our community.)

Don’t play Week 1 at a disadvantage! Dive into the game breakdowns in the NFL Edge, pick up as much free research as you can, and get ready to crush the Week 1 slate.


Always Free ::

Angles Email
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Angles Podcast
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DFS 101
(free resources and training material)

Selected Best Ball podcasts

Selected lessons on “Mastering Showdown Play”!

AFC team-by-team previews


Not Always Free ::

NFL Edge
(a weekly breakdown of the matchups and coaching tendencies for every game on the main slate)

JMToWin’s Player Grid
(the players and angles JM will be most focused on that week; posted Saturday mornings!)

Xandamere’s Showdown Slant
(a data-driven look at each Showdown game from top Showdown player Xandamere)

Xandamere’s full “Mastering Showdown Play” course

OWS Collective
(our community’s curated research on every game, all season long)

Ownership Projections
(powered by UFCollective — the most accurate ownership projections in DFS)

GPP Ceiling Tool (coming September 5!)
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OWS Chat Pod
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