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Monday, Sep 9th

Best Ball 2019!

When we started One Week Season, one of our goals was to never provide content “just to provide content.” Instead, we wanted to make sure that we were always hunting for (and exposing) angles and edges that our subscribers could hammer…

And this year, we’re adding two new features to One Week Season to help you hammer some edges!

1 :: Showdown breakdowns (and strategy training) produced by elite Showdown player Xandamere. (Check back around the middle of the month for Xandamere’s free-to-subscribers Showdown guide in the all new DFS 201 tab!)

2 :: Best Ball podcasts to carry you through a month of August drafting!

If you are not familiar with Best Ball, I have put together a small primer for you.


Best Ball Championship Pods

Best Ball Championship 101 :: The basics of drafting for the million-dollar first prize.

Best Ball Championship 201 :: Advanced thoughts and strategies for building an edge.

Best Ball Championship Exposure :: A look at my highest-owned players.

Best Ball Championship Bonus :: A sound strategy…and some off-the-wall ideas.


Owning Best Ball :: with special guest TodfromPA

Supercharging Your Draft :: A next-level look at Best Ball thinking.

Crushing The Early Rounds:: A deep-dive into strategies and players.

Crushing The Middle Rounds :: A deep-dive into strategies and players.

Crushing The Late Rounds :: A deep-dive into strategies and players.


If you are familiar with Best Ball, but haven’t played on (which is where the Best Ball Championship is hosted), you can actually log in using your FanDuel account, as Draft merged with FanDuel last year. (And if by some stuck-under-a-rock stroke of bad luck you don’t have a FanDuel account, you can get a free $3 ticket on Draft by signing up with promo code ONEWEEKSEASON.)