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What is Best Ball?

What is Best Ball? Let’s make it simple:

In Best Ball, you draft a season-long team in a snake draft format. Unlike typical season-long play, however, there is no roster management involved with Best Ball. Once you have finished the draft, your team is set for the season. Each week, your best scores at each position automatically become your starters. Points accumulate throughout the season, and standings are sorted according to total points.


If you’re like me — and your favorite part of season-long fantasy football is the draft — Best Ball is one of the most enjoyable forms of fantasy football to play. It’s all drafting, all the time.

Even better? — there is a ton of strategy involved in Best Ball, and there is not a ton of high-quality Best Ball content available; leaving us with a tangible edge we can hammer.

We are building a pair of podcast series on Best Ball drafting to help you hammer these edges.

I do my play on, and I focus primarily on the Best Ball Championship.

On Draft, you draft 18 rounds, and your starting roster each week will consist of eight players: one QB, two RBs, three WRs, a TE, and a FLEX. Scoring on Draft is half-PPR, with no bonuses. (Be sure to familiarize yourself with the scoring/setup on whatever site you play on!)

As with any great game: Best Ball is simple to learn; and it is incredibly complex and multi-faceted in the ways it can be solved.

With that: Let’s get to drafting!!!!


If you are familiar with Best Ball, but haven’t played on (which is where the Best Ball Championship is hosted), you can actually log in using your FanDuel account, as Draft merged with FanDuel last year. (And if by some stuck-under-a-rock stroke of bad luck you don’t have a FanDuel account, you can get a free $3 ticket on Draft by signing up with promo code ONEWEEKSEASON.)