Thursday, Sep 10th
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OWS Collective!


— our community’s curated research for each game of the NFL season

Last year on One Week Season, we introduced Game Notes on each game of the NFL Edge — where subscribers had the ability to track and save notes on each game of the weekend.

This year, we are taking Game Notes to another level, with the feature/upgrade I am most excited about (downright giddy about!) this year — OWS Collective.

What is OWS Collective?

Throughout my years in the DFS industry, I have noticed that oftentimes the only thing that separates a “tout” from a regular DFS player is that the “tout” has a platform. In fact (taking that a step further), I have noticed that “regular DFS players” often put in more time, effort, and sharp work in uncovering unique angles on a slate. And I started thinking: What if there were a way to get this research out there?

Halfway through the 2018 season, I left a note to myself to look into this in the offseason. The thought was simple:

We already have Game Notes on the site, where users can store their own thoughts and research. But…what if we took Game Notes up a notch and allowed users to publish their thoughts and research to the community, with an upvote system in place so that the sharpest, most valuable thoughts, research, and information would always be pushed to the top?

At first, I didn’t know if this was even possible; and certainly, I didn’t think we would have this ready until 2020 at the earliest. But the more we thought about this, the more we realized we should make this a priority — and now, it’s NFL season…and OWS Collective is a reality!


As part of OWS Collective, you will be able to:

  • Save your notes as before, OR publish your research to the bottom of games in the NFL Edge
  • Collect upvotes for your research, and provide upvotes to push your favorite content to the top
  • View all of your favorite contributor’s research for that week by clicking on their profile
  • View a user’s upvote totals, and track the leading researchers on our OWS Collective :: Leaderboard
  • Plug your own Twitter handle and build your own brand through your weekly contributions


Leading researchers will also have opportunities to:

  • Land a featured spot as a podcast guest on OWS
  • Have their research featured in the NFL Edge
  • Win free One Week Season for life


Perhaps the coolest aspect of this feature is that we have so many subscribers who would be an invaluable member of the DFS research community if given a platform; and there are always sites on the lookout for fresh faces capable of providing high-quality research and information to readers. OWS Collective is a tremendous opportunity for such subscribers to get a foot in the door in this industry, and to begin building their brand!

Oh! — and as such…

Here are eight tips to help you maximize your upvotes/exposure through OWS Collective