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More than any other sport (and really, it’s not even close…), analysis of games in the NFL relies on more than just an understanding of the numbers. With an opportunity between each play for coaches to strategize, for personnel groupings to swap out, for the situation on the field to change entirely, and for angles to be exploited, analysis of the NFL requires us to understand not only the strengths and weaknesses of individual athletes, but also their role on the team, the strengths and weaknesses of their coaches, and the multi-faceted ways in which the matchup in question can alter usage and opportunity expectations. There’s a reason the NFL Edge has long been considered one of the research staples of the NFL DFS community: each week, these items are taken into account in order to help us gain the best possible footing for each weekend of the NFL season. And this season, we will be adding an extra layer to this exploration of the angles offered across each unique slate of games:

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