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OWS 2021 :: The Good Life!

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As you know, a typical week for an NFL DFS player should consist of three main parts:

1. Reflection
2. Research
3. Roster Construction


This year on OWS, you’ll find all of your “Monday night to Wednesday morning” content on the Reflection page — where:

  • Sonic’s Above The Field will break down the strategic approach & player pool of a top Milly Maker player from the week behind us, helping us understand the ins and outs of optimal MME strategy
  • Larejo will break down some of the surprising performances from the previous weekend (working backward to see what we could have spotted strategically or game theoretically, and what we can learn moving forward)
  • Xandamere will be providing a weekly roster review in which he breaks down his approach and/or player pool from one of the weekend’s slates
  • MJohnson86 will dive into the “takeaways” from the week behind us in order to facilitate our continued improvement as DFS players
  • & more!


Wednesday night through Friday morning (as always!!!), the NFL Edge will function as your Research Destination, with:

  • Matchups bullet points
  • Game-by-game breakdowns
  • DFS Interpretations
  • OWS Collective research
  • & more


Friday night through Sunday morning, you’ll be able to find all of your Roster Construction content in one central place: The Scroll(!!!!).

Borrowing the same creative layout that the NFL Edge uses (which allows you to read the Edge as if it’s one giant article, or to instead jump directly to whichever game you want to read), The Scroll will allow you to dive into all of our late-week content in a single place, or to jump directly to whatever article you want to explore. Featured in this central space will be:

  • JM’s Player Grid
  • Hilow’s End Around
  • (New!) Larejo’s Willing to Lose
  • (New!) Magico’s Money-Makers
  • (New!) Sonic’s MME player pool(!!!)
  • (New!) Majesstik’s #TheWorkbook (if you’re not familiar with Majesstik, you can find him on Twitter here; he’s hugely respected among high-dollar DFS players, and landing #TheWorkbook on OWS is a HUGE win for our subs — a “win” that was aided by the fact that Majesstik is a longtime OWS sub himself!)
  • (New!) THE ORACLE(!!!!) (Inner Circle only)
  • & (literally) a whole lot more

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Throughout the week, we’ll also be adding:

  • An early-bets piece from Hilow
  • Several new podcasts
  • & more!
Week 1 content will start rolling onto the site Tuesday, September 7, with the Week 1 NFL Edge!