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>> Archived DFS Training <<

NFL Team Previews

by Hilow

Week 1 :: Above The Field

Late Swap Strategy
by Sonic
September 7, 2021

Superdraft NFL Primer

Most +EV place to Play in all of DFS
by Xandamere
September 7, 2021

Edge Bets Primer

Using the NFL Edge provide a Betting Edge
by Jreasy
September 7, 2021

Understanding Projection Fragility (DFS)

How to view a Player’s Projection
by Xandamere
September 7, 2021

Intro to Best Ball Exposure

Tips to Managing your Exposure
by TodfromPA
September 7, 2021

dynamic adp in best ball

Taking Advantage of Dynamic ADP
by Hilow
August 28, 2021

Pawel’s Best Ball Exposure

Player and Position Breakdown
by Pawel
August 24, 2021

best ball draft recap

Leverage Through Preseason Unknowns
by Hilow
August 19, 2021

Embracing the snipe

Value > Correlation
by Sonic
August 17, 2021

Above the Best Ball Field

Conscious Drafting Strategies
by Sonic
August 13, 2021

Playing for first place

Tournament Winning Best Ball Plays
by Majesstik
August 12, 2021

Best Ball Pod :: Part 4

Portfolio Management
by Hilow and Pawel
August 7, 2021

Best Ball Cash Games

by Xandamere
August 6

Best Ball Pod :: Part 3

Roster Construction
by Hilow and Pawel
August 5

What If?

Late Round BB Targets w/Hidden Upside
by Majesstik
August 4

Best Ball Pod :: Part 2 (Stacking)

Two Quick Notes ::

  1. *This pod was recorded on two different files. You can find both below.
  2. In conjuction with Part 2, Hilow wrote, “Exposing the Fallacies of Stacking.” You can find this below.

by Hilow and Pawel
August 3, 2021

exposing the fallacies of stacking

Rethinking and Reimagining Stacking in Best Ball and Redraft
by Hilow
August 3, 2021

Draft Uncomfortable

Larejo’s late-round Best Ball targets
by Larejo123
August 2

Early Look at Week 1 (DFS)

A way too early view of DraftKings Week 1
by Xandamere
August 2

Best Ball Pod :: Part 1

Top-level overview
by Hilow and Pawel
August 1, 2021

Changing ADPs In Best Ball

A vital, overlooked topic
by Xandamere
July 24, 2021

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