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Welcome to the One Week Season!

Your home for the research and information you need to crush each weekend of the NFL DFS season


— OWS Home

Here, you will find the featured game of the week, and a full list of games with live Vegas totals to get you started with your research.

— OWS Calendar

In the OWS Calendar, you can find links each week to our Ownership Projections (posted before the end of the day on Wednesday) and the audio version of the NFL Edge (posted by Friday afternoon).

— Win Free OWS Access For Life

Each week, we post a new contest to win free access to OWS for life (winners get their 2018 subscription fee refunded as well!).

— Daily Fantasy Football Resources & Glossary

On this page, you will find piles of valuable DFS strategy information and knowledge, further exposing you to the nuances of the game, and to the type of thinking required to become a consistently profitable player.

— Playing NFL DFS For Profit

Here, you will find my 2018 training course — to help you max out your potential in NFL DFS.


I’ll see you on the site throughout the NFL season. And I’ll see you at the top of the leaderboards soon!